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@mitsu Daily Waifu (Sorry, I forgot yesterday :/). This one belongs to my treasures :blobheart:

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That one is insane too... 💓

Credits : The same friend of mine

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:ablobpeekjohnny: Still in love of this one.... Credits : a Discord friend that drew some characters for me :ablobpeekjohnny:

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Had a beautiful dream, a girl was interested in me, and not only as a sexfriend.

Now, as Lou Reed sang/wrote :
♫ Sometimes I feel so happy
♫ Sometimes I feel so sad

The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes

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Mosquitoes... Does that mean this is already this way too long time of the year where I can't get out of my room without being assaulted by insects, sun or people ?

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Best ping test ever, I like my connection...

("Délai d'attente de la demande dépassé." = Ping timeout)

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♫ Quand est ce qu’on y arrive ? Là où le bonheur désaltère
♫ Où l'futur se construit, sans cris, sans mecs à terre
♫ Ni de centrale en fuite, rien sur le compteur Geiger
♫ Et finalement conscient qu’ici, on est que locataires....

Akhenaton & IAM - La Fin de Leur Monde

PC + Blanket + Cushion. Can't stop me

Everytime I see that location, I don't think about FF XIV, dunno why.... 😜

Air Force One GATEs are too easy, they should improve difficulty, ans maybe so on improve rewards....

Tried playing LoL yesterday night, decided to uninstall it right away. It isn't fun anymore to me....

Good morning, have a nice day !

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