Show more PHP does what it's supposed to do, it's people configuring their NGINX servers wrong by copypasting from tutorials on the internet, and allowing arbitrary code execution because of it.

Finally! My video has just been published, and if you're interested in a bit of #golang hacking and/or care about docker & backups, you can watch it here:

(Yes, I'm aware that the chat ended up covering my terminal a bit, and I should probably increase the fonts some more. Sorry about that, lesson learned for the next video!)

@r00tobo Not too much you can do about it as an individual, but you can begin by reducing your dependency on Google products. Migrate away from Chromium-based browsers; don't use Gmail; etc.

I'm really angry about everything Google nowadays, even in websites that doesn't have any involvement in Google. I still see google APIs and JS shit in the no-script. plugin on FF! this is really annoying...and I'm really worried about the Web future.

Added a waiting screen when changing theme. The waiting screens produce a much nicer transition, otherwise there is a twilight zone period of about 30 seconds where some screens have changed and others havn't.

Currently there is only light and dark themes for the web interface. Potentially there could be others.

By the way, in case you missed it, you can follow PeerTube accounts from Mastodon and other Fediverse networks.

You don't need to use PeerTube to follow PeerTube accounts! PT is part of the Fediverse, so it can be followed from elsewhere on the Fediverse.

MATE 1.22, Google Stadia, Firefox, KDE Falkon, Openshot, Zorin OS, CrossOver, & more on Episode 60 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL60: Samba 4.10, Atari VCS Delayed for Hardware Upgrade, Update on the EU Copyright Directive, Sale, Epic Online Services and a tangent on why I dont like Epic Games

#Linux @TuxDigitalcom

With the Plasma Integration extention, you get notifications when things are downloading

We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

‼️ ‼️ #Announcement ‼️ ‼️
SwagArch GNU/Linux will be relaunched 🚀 with the #Budgie #Desktop as replacement for the old school Xfce4 desktop.

Yes! SwagArch becomes more Swag 🎉 😀

What does this mean ?
The next release 19.04 will be #canceled because I still working on the #adjustments for the Budgie Desktop.

@jrswab @radicalrobit We've just published a more elaborate comment on why AMP for emails is bad:

Thanks for asking! 👍

AMP for email is bad. Google is bringing AMP to Gmail not for your convenience or to increase speed, but to change your mailbox into a platform for marketers so that the ads jump into your face. 😤 Tutanota will not support AMP. Our business model does not rely on irritating our users with targeted advertisements, but on offering a quality email service that users are happy to pay for. 😀

Firefox admits they will eventually be sending all of your DNS to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will monetize your internet browsing, no matter how much their PR people say they are.

If you want to disable that, go to "about:config", and set "network.trr.mode" to 5.

The values are: 0 - default off, 1 - race, 2 TRR first, 3 TRR only, 4 shadow, 5 off by choice

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