@gbryant I guess I was wrong. after seeing ur last video, it seems like they are offering services like purism but within the browser. a neat idea to cover their expenses. and get out of google's hand. I did also see a more in depth review about this service as a big product. will see and I still really want a feedback video about ur initial thoughts on Epiphany. Thanks

@kitsune u always do post morning and u are sleepy 😂

@prydt if it's only just one key u're good since it's linked to a single device

@prydt I like Science and Philosophy,Japan,Anime,IT stuff etc...FOSS ofc 😉

@prydt but nice to chat with u. hopefully will go a long way as a good internet friends 😆

@prydt I see. sorry I thought that I know u by a different nick 💔

Plasma 5.16 is out! Check out all the new features and marvel at the improvements that now make working with Plasma smoother and more fun!


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