@kline @lumi @proxeus yea Hexchat provides a plugin for OTR. and also KVIrc provides some sort of Encryption to PM and Channels

@kline @lumi @proxeus personally I don't want XMPP/Matrix/IRC to be a techy nerdy space. look at what mainstream IM are doing lol the 90% of the population are using WhatsApp/Telegram/Discord but ofc the average joe doesn't use Slack :P

@kline @lumi @proxeus comparing IRC with XMPP/Matrix to the average joe's prespective, XMPP/Matrix are easier for them.

@squire Not really, I would wait till next year until Stretch is handled to the LTS team. then upgrade. usually any official release of Debian gets 3 years of support + 2 years from the LTS team later on. that being said, if u are a Desktop user, I would switch to the newer version after 1 month at least. if u are running Debian on a server, then it doesn't really matter that much.

There were 11 different themes proposed to be the official Debian buster theme. The Debian 10 buster desktop theme is futurePrototype wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Them by Alex Makas. #ReleasingDebianBuster

Load on the CD building network is rising steadily: 19.33, 10.25, 4.72 #releasingDebianBuster

The buster release files have been signed off by the Release Managers! #releasingDebianBuster

@squire @debian No, it's saying 'stretch' meaning u have to manually replace 'stretch' with 'buster'. personally I find it better to just use codename releases to upgrade.

If any of the lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list refer to 'stable', you might get a surprise on your next upgrade! #ReleasingDebianBuster

There will be more than 37 Debian buster release parties in 23 different countries and some of them already started wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyBu #ReleasingDebianBuster

The CD team are getting to work building images while FTP masters create the new 'testing' suites for bullseye #releasingDebianBuster

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, all these services are offline. this is the downside of , go fully with something like @pixelfed for Instagram alt. or for a fb. like alt. or @matrix / XMPP for a fully decentralized IM experience. let's spread awareness to the masses!

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