So far, the biggest problem getting people from using Windows to using #Linux is that there are a million different distros and 500+ solutions to every problem you can encounter. It's overwhelming. It then becomes an "evil I know vs the one I don't." But what the hardest obstacle for me is explaining that EVERY combination of distro versus solution is about 80% valid as long as you are willing to use your head, where as Microsoft would rather you use your wallet and be too scared to leave.

@TheOuterLinux normal people will not want to learn. they just want to use something and get things done. and Linux has so many choices they need to figure and try before they decide. but I would recommend Linux Mint for beginners tbh. after that if they want to go deeper they can. or they can just stay with Linux Mint if it gets their shit done.

@TheOuterLinux also I think the rising of Flatpaks and Snaps will make things much more easier for them since you can get latest software on a rock solid base.

@r00tobo I'm not much of a snap or flatpak fan when things like repos and AppImages exist. Call me paranoid, but it sounds more like Microsoft whispering into Canonical's ear (again) to help them setup before buying. Snaps and flatpaks make developers much more happy than it does average users but unfortunately, most Linux articles are written by devs. All you need to do is "sudo apt install." Heaven forbid anyone has to run firejail, but containerized software for the average user is bs

@r00tobo The way I see it, programs that are containerized and and handled the ways snaps are, it's just a step or two away from "proprietary" and "registry keys," but being rebranded ahead of time using pleasant Linux wording.


@TheOuterLinux don't get me wrong. me myself I don't usually use flatpak and snap I use the traditional packaging system. but for newbies it's a good thing. at least using Linux ecosystem is much more better than using Windows or Mac. it's open at heart. unlike mac and windows.

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