I don't know but something called 'extension' is probably gonna disappear tomorrow in the upcoming GNOME!

we still have a lot of Linux Apps that use Tray Icons for the Desktop. KDE Plasma realized that and they still serving the legacy layout DE of Windows 95. GNOME is living in the future already but I'm glad that we still have something called 'extensions' lol πŸ˜†

I eventually had to enable Topicons Plugin for GNOME. GREAT!

Great news from the developers of Atelier and AtCore, the #FOSS 3D printing solution - a major new release is almost around the corner!

Changes will include a more polished UI, better error handling, and improved bed scaling.


more services, especially federated and distributed ones, should allow the user to migrate all of their data onto a different server.

New Budgie 10.5 IconTasklist Popover fanciness is nearing completion! Just some more refinements and local testing to go. Check out the quick video I made on it! - Joshua


this is plus too. they intend also to make it decentralized so you can host your own wire server and probably be able to communicate with other wire servers as well.

I've created a wire account. I think after Wire released their back-end stuff to the public with an AGPL license. I'm reconsidering my standing against them. unlike Telegram and even Signal. since Wire doesn't require you to register your phone number that's a HUGE plus for me and I think for most people.

We've just released #Halcyon 2.1.5 with the following changes:
- full support for Mastodons filtering feature
- Added settings to create,edit and remove filters
- Added possibility to filter all bots
- Bots are now marked with a robot icon next to the username
You can download the release from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc
WARNING: Make sure to apply the new Nginx config or Caddyfile or the new filter settings page won't work

can we create a fully P2P social network with mastodon or at least fork it so we host our own data without the need of setting up servers and such ? I believe that ZeroNet now provides something like that.

So far, the biggest problem getting people from using Windows to using #Linux is that there are a million different distros and 500+ solutions to every problem you can encounter. It's overwhelming. It then becomes an "evil I know vs the one I don't." But what the hardest obstacle for me is explaining that EVERY combination of distro versus solution is about 80% valid as long as you are willing to use your head, where as Microsoft would rather you use your wallet and be too scared to leave.

Did you know that Jakub Steiner has been hard at work designing a new GNOME icon them? Check it out!

#Briar is an unusual kind of messenger for Android devices: there are no servers, messages are stored on your phone and sent directly to your contact's phone through TOR, wi-fi or bluetooth.

It's designed for journalists, activists, people working in disaster zones and anyone interested in "off the grid" communication.

The official site is here:


The app is free, open source and available through @fdroidorg and Google Play.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Privacy #MeshNetworks

I've been trying out #Matrix the past couple of days: 'An open network for secure, decentralized communication'.

It's kinda like the Mastodon of messengers, or more accurately the fediverse of messengers, although calling it a #messenger is a bit of an understatement.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I think it's great! A much needed solution to an increasing problem, not sure why I held of from checking it out for so long! πŸ˜…

They're also on #Mastodon: @matrix πŸ‘

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