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ugh i REALLY need to find a new instance soon

pretty much every review I've seen of the sonic movie boils down to "it was good and it should not have been"

ugh, it's too hot to have covers on but I find it super hard to sleep without something weighing me down

horrible, horrible idea 

chariot racing but with motorcycles

idk why but i feel like playing a game that has a sense of coldness to it

imagine having a consistent sleep schedule

yes it needs to only block my eyes when i'm doing specifically evil monologues

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need me some of those glasses that shine and block out view of your eyes when you do an evil monologue

i've been at 4.9k toots for a while, wonder when i'll hit 5k

i know this cape is obstructing my vision but like hell am i going to be unfashionable while i'm killing

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socialist country: *exists*
america: *overthrows socialist country*
america: "see, socialism doesn't work"

i read somewhere that it takes 4 days of good sleep to make up for 1 hour of missed sleep

that puts me at...

like a decade of good sleep to make up for lost sleep

i really gotta stop staying up until 4 am

i demand more games in the chaotic gremlin genre

stellaris update stuff 

i choose to imagine the 'harm relations' action your envoys can take as being the envoys throwing rocks at passerbys to your empire's embassy

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Emoji will never give the same vibes as emoticons do.

Like 😡 has MUCH weaker energy than >:(

Is it really paranoid to think everyone is out to get me when I keep being proven right?

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !