unfortunately, niu is coming to an end

you can find my new account at @pyromage

@trwnh honestly idk, probably something similar to niu

@pie don't like the pleroma ui and the mastodon frontend for it makes me feel like my contrast settings are off with the colours, and as far as I could find, you can't change the colours on the mastodon frontend

someone suggest mastodon instances to me pls

@ocean sleep is temporary
vroom vroom is forever

@BitBlaster @shouko @ashley I tried that, but the colours felt really off, like my monitor had the wrong contrast and brightness settings.

@shouko @ashley i tried pleroma but i really couldn't get into the ui :blobcatsad:

@papush tbf the mad milk was originally called 'mann milk'

@artemis can't forget the recent human enby char that was on

@pie i mean 420 followers is an ideal amount tbh

@pie i'm still like 90% sure my follower count is higher than it lists itself as because a while back it glitched and displayed as zero and never went back from that


@seiko surprised it took this long for me to see a humanised version of the virus

i think that's just barely too small to qualify as a barrel

@aitbg i thought things like this were satire

@aitbg a litre soda is a medium?!

what the fuck, usa

@newt imagine not being xenophile and flooding the species menu with like a thousand different subspecies smh

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