tried make an account on a pleroma instance but i just can't deal with the interface, much prefer mastodon's (with advanced web interface enabled)

which is unfortunate because i haven't really seen any other mastodon instances i'd like to join that have open registration and i have decent connection to

@pyromage Pleroma has a Mastodon mode where u can use it with the Mastodon GUI

@ocean how do you enable that? couldn't see it in the settings

@pyromage Ask your admin, but for Soykaf it's just the usual url with /web at the end

@ocean any way to change the colours on the mastodon frontend?

@mewmew @pyromage @ocean the admin can (i did too) but users can only do it with a browser extension, which isn't the same, but it's something i guess

@pyromage theres a mastodon frontend for pleroma instances

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