what the fuck the average typing speed is only 40 wpm? how can people stand spending that long typing something

@pyromage it's worse than that
that's *average*
averages are strongly skewed by extreme values
that means the average excluding the people at 100+ is closer to like 25-30

@toast godDAMN i can't imagine spending that long typing stuff

so much time wasted

@pyromage it's usually the overhead of cognition
we don't *think* about typing, the same way we don't *think* about how to walk
ever seen how a young kid walks? yeah
when you do specific actions "manually" (in the extreme case, see "pecking"), it always takes a lot longer
"touch typing" via the "learned" method (home row + specific key<->finger bindings) are basically just more efficient variants of pecking - you still think about it
you can eventually get it into muscle memory, and then it gets faster though (... but then it stops being optimal lmao)

@toast i guess i've got an advantage in that i have been typing literally every day of my life since the age of 10

@toast funnily enough typing classes back in school helped exactly zero amount, it was only after i stopped listening to their advice that i learned myself

it shows in that i completely ignore the normal home rows and use my own resting position

@pyromage yeah, same
checked a quick typeracer (I'm tired af after work, so this is close to a worse case scenario) btw

@toast i did that thing and got 114 wpm, although i'm on a different keyboard to my norm so not at my best either

@toast also i'm running on like 3 hours of sleep and a coffee, lol

@pyromage @toast
I took a lot of typing classes in school, and I played MUDs which required above average typing speed, so hey, at least it did the job. My typing speed (low on errors) is probably around 80wpm
@pyromage tbf mines only like 85ish, and thats only because of copying text, if we add how long it takes to think of words and the sentence whilst i'm writing it'd be like 30 lol
@Lumeinshin @pyromage My typing speed would be faster but I can't improvise sentences fast enough. If I'm simply copying something I can go a bit faster.
@tn5421 @pyromage
yeah i'm assuming people are all pretty much the same for that, i think even just being on fedi has improved my typing since i'm reaching for this ''''' thingy more often, and ive forgotten what its called lol

@Lumeinshin @tn5421 oh wait those are separate things, yeah those are apostrophes i think

@tn5421 @Lumeinshin with the font i've got quotation marks are literally just two apostrophes duct taped together

@pyromage @tn5421
yeah " are quotation marks, i think its apostrophe
ty future tn54

@Lumeinshin @tn5421 i checked by highlighting them, because otherwise they'd be p much indistinguishable on my font

@pyromage @tn5421
are you using a bitmap font or something, my res is 1280x800 with pleroma zoomed out to 75% and i can tell the difference, tho they do look pretty close
(sorry for any delays, neckbeard is having a funny five minutes)
@pyromage @Lumeinshin go get some new glasses or something ><
it's amazing what a pair of good glasses can help with

@tn5421 @Lumeinshin it's mostly because i've had approx. 3 sleep and a coffee for energy today

@pyromage my hot take is that typing fast is useless because words don't come to you that fast :ablobcatbongo:

@pyromage true, is life worth living when the running in the 90s theme isn't playing whenever you're typing?

@NekoSock if your typing speed doesn't cause eurobeat to spontaneously play whenever you type don't even talk to me

@pyromage Sorry I can't have my fingers flying across the keyboard. I can still hardly do it blind.

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