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which do you prefer?

you'd think now that i'm 20 i'd be able to know which way is left without doing the L thing with my fingers by now

There's no greater feeling than having someone say "what's ligma?" or equivalent to a joke you make of that style.

it's 1 am and i'm watching lockpicking videos on youtube

what am i doing with my life

A friendship that starts through the internet can be just as meaningful as one that starts offline

it is extremely disappointing there is not more team fortress 2 cinematics, expiration date was a masterpiece

i wonder if i should update my avatar some time soon

i am disappointed we still don't have glowing lines in clothing yet

it is such a cool look and i want

why is it, that without fail, anytime someone talks about socialised healthcare, an american comes in shouting about how they pay for it with their taxes

someone needs to just force me to be social because i'll never get around to it on my own

so when are we bringing capes back into fashion

I much prefer mmo stories where they don't do the "you're the chosen one" despite there being literally thousands of other chosen ones

It is 4:30 AM, someone make me go to sleep please

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