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ngl literally all an mmo needs to have to draw me in is to have super good clothing options

anyone got some recommendations for mmos with good character and outfit customisation?

tempted to get a corkboard and pin up a bunch of photos and link them up with string

make sure the photos are of completely random subjects to confuse anyone who looks at it

with a small donation, we can get closer to the dream of merging all the continents again

hhhhh i still haven't found a new instance

me: socialisation is very healthy and good for you, i should do more
my brain: but there's a 2.33% chance someone will be slightly mean to us
me: valid, let us never talk to anyone ever again

probably because i find my presence very disagreeable and would not wish it on others

as an emotional wreck i will end perfectly viable relationships and not contact someone I want to because I presume my presence annoys them

still waiting for someone to do a jojo fangame where you got a stand in vr

What mobile IRC client would everyone recommend?

stupid stress and sleep deprivation weakening my immune system

i have now officially finished all my assessments for the year

holiday where retail workers are given a license to kill unruly customers

kinda wanna sort it into different moods but i can't be fucked to sort through almost 500 songs

i should sort out my music playlists at some point, it's kinda all just mashed together rn

snapping my fingers is fun
esp when I laugh maniacally
makes me give off big villain energy

prob ain't healthy but since when has anything I've done been healthy?

obsessively refreshing my tl because it's the closest thing to social interaction I have

emoticons have so much more energy about them than emoji do

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