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if I could I would totally buy some custom made masks, give them nice personalised designs

imagine not occasionally lapsing into really deep depression and wanting to isolate yourself from basically everyone

i watch so many cooking videos that you'd think i'd know how to do anything beyond instant noodles at this point but nope all i have is the theory

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my fav thing is when flat earthers try to prove the earth is flat but their experiment outcome shows the earth is round

someone give me a suggestion on things to watch rn, I am bored and do not have access to the video games rn

i'm like a dog in that all you need to do is show me one (1) piece of Affection and i will be your best friend

tbh kinda feel like playing modded minecraft but it's kinda dull single player and i have nobody to play it with anyway

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current sarcasm levels are 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

i always either speak really formally or really informally, no in between ever

i hate how i can't vent to the people closest to me because then they'll fuss over me and I really really hate when people fuss over me

i hate having to constantly put up a facade of being a Normal and Sane Human all the time, and i'm always so scared that some day that mask will break and it'll ruin me further

i feel like laughing, but not a "funny" laugh

idk what's wrong with me

i don't get people who want to interact with me

like i am a horrible conversationalist and just generally worthless

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like you actually like your parents? and they treat you like a human? those aren't parents, at least not like any I've experienced

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