Ngl at least a small part of me judges songs based on how cool their name would be as a stand name.

ugh i'm hungry but the only things i've got in the cupboard is stale bread and some cereal

part of me misses the golden age of flash games, back when anyone could make one and upload it, there was such a huge variety

what is with sports games and having a screaming man on the cover art

the "w" on wario's hat stands for wumbo

apparently plants vs zombies 3 was announced, and from the screenshots we have, it looks even worse than 2 was

Imagine getting sleep

this toot made by insomnia gang

stellaris stuff 

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minecraft stuff 

can we hurry up and develop brain uploading technology already

It is a proven fact that eurobeat makes any racing scene 10x better.

modded minecraft shit 

How to stop being such a paranoid wreck.

is it still paranoia if people really are talking about you behind your back?

i'm the kind of person who measures out exactly how much coal they need for smelting items in minecraft

uuuuuhhhhhh how does one do an introduction post i've never been good at introducing myself

y'know i just realised i never did an introduction post for myself
should i do one?

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