I've got really drawn into Super Mario World (get it?). I'm full after Christmas supper, time to beat the shite outta these frogs, turtles or whateva.

@Wolf480pl Nah, I had Old Chinese. (BTW, the Polish cognate is miód)

TFW you discover that Japanese and English words for mead are related by a language which went extinct in the 8th century and was rediscovered only in the 20th century <3


@Wolf480pl But nothing ends a good journey like anime at home and friends to watch stuff :p My plan for when I come back for uni this Wednesday is eerily similar

@Wolf480pl Ouch. I had a chance to spend 2 hours on a plane and then 4 hours (120 km) on a falling-into-bits bus to my hometown due to an accident. Oh, and the three first buses were full! Nothing like All Saints' Eve.

I've got a newsletter starting with:
> We hope you're having a pleasant weekend. For everyone else, a pleasant Monday to you!

Ouch. Studying some graph theory now. How about you, fedi?

Jupyter notebook refused to work because... I had a file named queue.py in the directory.

@Chuculate It gets worse when you come to such a decision yourself. The most intense disappointment to be had.

Seems like a very cool bundle. 'tis a shame that I can't bring myself to read books this long on a screen


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