Fuarrrrrrrk me, been looking for a new instance but non seems as awesome for some Local lurking like this one 😭

So uh, since niu is closing, where are y'all moving?

I've got really drawn into Super Mario World (get it?). I'm full after Christmas supper, time to beat the shite outta these frogs, turtles or whateva.

TFW you discover that Japanese and English words for mead are related by a language which went extinct in the 8th century and was rediscovered only in the 20th century <3


I've got a newsletter starting with:
> We hope you're having a pleasant weekend. For everyone else, a pleasant Monday to you!

Ouch. Studying some graph theory now. How about you, fedi?

Jupyter notebook refused to work because... I had a file named queue.py in the directory.

Seems like a very cool bundle. 'tis a shame that I can't bring myself to read books this long on a screen


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> when executed on an infinite number of processors, it runs in Θ(n) time

Ingenious, does AWS have infinite processors option?

I've replaced my £10 shit Asus bluetooth reciever that kept disconnecting my devices with £1 no-name Aliexpress one. Now I pick up headphones of passers-by on the outside of the building. 10/10 would recommend.

Gotta love spending all day on Google Scholar after days of screwing 'round!

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