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not rlly sure how to describe this, but i love the aesthetic ^.^

how come there are so many windows OS-tans but not that many good linux ones??

someone from switter boosted a post of mine and im confused

so i havent used this laptop (my manjaro one) in a while and ive got like 320 packages to upgrade lol

the one thing i miss from my iOS fedi app: awoo mode... it just replaced "toot" with "awoo" lol

my phone playlist: 90% Beatles and like 10% other stuff like King Crimson, MF DOOM, BROCKHAMPTON, and Pink Floyd

i should put more music on it tho!

i love corn on the cob a lot...

it just gets stuck in my teeth like right now ;-;

both steph and sammy are cuties

end of story

absolute clown fiesta feels right now

my desk is such a mess of black wires

I just love the sun... like what a cool fucking star tbh

I Want You (Shes So Heavy) - The Beatles

okay... I wanna get back into programming

best way to "git gud" at programming?

(preferably some resources on the particular branch of programming you specialize in or just something specifc)

I'd like to be

Under the sea

In an octopuses garden

In the shade

Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down upon her head *doo doo doo do do*

I love The Beatles

how do people get friends like??? where do they meet them lol

I guess... what would I even do there lol... dont rlly know the point

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !