verb (used without object), pried, pry·ing.
to inquire impertinently or unnecessarily into something: to pry into the personal affairs of others.
to look closely or curiously; peer; peep.

@popefucker i think that's beyond the point. when people say "just be yourself" they still expect you to act normally and be interesting. this is some bullshit that normies invented for themselves.

@m4iler it was a group of people I was talking to... it was two guys and a bunch of girls...... idk m8

@caseyp @Epsiloco ofc i don't know... I'm trash at video games and in general

@Epsiloco >.< o-oh...

umm I um kinda feel like maybe itd be fun to be picked up and played with but uhhh

nvm >///<

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