ig I could go to outerheaven

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@pry comeover

cantinto will be very happy haha

@RafiX kawen space does seem pretty comfy as well

@pry Eh, I dunno.

I think there's like 6 active users here. I don't really use the public timeline but if you want a big local community I don't think we're it fam.

@Epsiloco hm true tho lall is still cool... idk a rlly nice local TL was one of the best things about niu

@pry I might recommend @absturztaube 's instance. I see a lot of comfy posts from there. Iscute.moe might also be good for you to look at.

@Epsiloco @absturztaube I'm considering kawen space, iscute, and outerheaven rn... may go w/ outerheaven but idk

@pry kk. I have my alt on outerheaven, can confirm that it's comfy.
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