A mix of Python and Java. Now I feel personally targeted.

@pry I'm somewhere between C++ and Kotlin but I know C++ more than I know Kotlin.

@pry i really like the go mascot he looks so stupid and i relate.

@rizzo the go mascot is the best! the new logo sucks tho...

what do you think about glenda?

@pry ver cute and good. but not stupid enough for me to fully enjoy
@pry why is this mascot so glorious this is pure propaganda i want to learn the language simply so i can justify buying plushies and stickers of this magnificent lad.

@rizzo right lol

go is a cool language tbh... you should learn it ^^ tho I'm putting more time into learning Rust

@pry perfection but lacks idiot energy of the gopher.
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@pry rizzo doesn't lie bc rizzo always right.
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