super tiring... even 1 push up is difficult for me but I got through the first day... have to start a routine

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@kai thx for recommending it.. now my arms are shore :P

@pry make sure you take a rest day. Working out breaks the muscles down. Your muscles get built up while you rest.

@kai @pry
While you rest and get the adequate nutrition, to be exact! If you have some fat let some of it burn first tho of course. uwu

@mrjunge @kai yeah

also i rlly dont have much fat

im a tad underweight actually

@kai @pry
Exercising inevitably opens up appetites in my experience so don't worry about it. Just be careful not to let that lead you to go the other way and build up more fat than you'd want due to change in appetite.

@pry I can do about twenty before feeling like I'm pushing myself.

@Paradox @pry
I just use th gym machines so I'm a pleb and don't even know. Tho I've started using the pulley recently.

@mrjunge @Paradox ive heard weight are better than machines from others but i wouldnt know

@pry @Paradox
They're better because when you use them you are also conditioning your nervous system (probably for balance and posture) is one of the supposed reasons I heard floating around.

Awesome!!! Seeing other people motivated motivates me, so for selfish reasons I'm'ah tell you to keep it up! 😁

@mrjunge ^^ ofc ofc selfish motivations often not so bad :P

@pry do you watch your protein intake? It could fast up the process and your strength :clefairy:

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