my sister is drawing anime boys... not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing

using ed actually kinda makes sense in the single case of making a file and writing a bit to it rather than touch and echo

i rlly like these "Beej's Guides" to stuff

great resources imo

2nd "whats the world coming to post"

i had to install ed

hey everyone, its pry back with another game play commentary and tonight we're gonna be playing the LOGICAL JOURNEY OF THE ZOOMBINIS 2.0

Morning everyone!

(legit woke up at like 2am wtf)

im in a really pissy mood... gonna go now

>be me
>be unhappy
>get off phone for a bit
>less unhappy

why phone? why do you bring me such joy but also such undue anguish?

thx I'll stick to my imperative languages for now

and I dont think scheme actually counts as functional

functional programming...

as opposed to nonfunctional programming? :p

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