apparently my personal instance has been down for 4 hours. interesting

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anyways here's my jump force opinion: the death note is powerless against goku because that's not his real name

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some loser: [being attacked by a swarm of genetically modified super-ants] what the fuck kinda etymology club meeting is this?

me: uhm, this is the entomology club -- study of insects? you'd know the difference if you weren't such a shitty etymologist, lmao

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Remember that in Germany, water WiTH carbonation is called "water classic"
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me: you can't put the exclamation mark before the question mark like "!?" instead of "?!", it's incorrect grammar. you won't find any style guides that tell you this, but honestly, it should be obvious. you'll also find that "?!" is much more common than "!?". it doesn't make sense to apply a question modifier to a exclaiming modifier, that's like you're only asking the exclaimed version of the question. see, i'm a programmer, and
my mother: lynne please just give the eulogy

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Thinking about maybe never doing anything at all ever again

I never originally set the account redirect because I generally have no idea what I'm doing, but I finally got around to it.
Follow @proto for more... me

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If you feel like you're missing an essential part of the human experience or you feel like your life is empty risk your life hunting or backpacking. It's a good pickmeup.
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#mastodon has custom emoji and CWs but limited markdown support would ruin the artisinal experience. 👌

You know when you see those lines of flashing blob emojis dancing? That's an acceptable use of microblogging. But `code` or _italics_ don't belong on a microblog

I can't feel comfortable on a social network unless a noticeable fraction of the people I follow spend their time complaining about niche window managers I'll never use

lol I didn't even realize niu was having issues but yeah I think I'll be on @proto for a while

I tried Fat Tire for the first time tonight despite several other New Belgium beers being "my favorite" at various points in my life.

For their flagship variety, it is definitely the worst thing they offer.

Even those weird limited availability sours/tarts are better.

Try 1554.

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don't bother trying to help me with this tonight but if you're someone who matters, maybe ask the erlang people to fix their website I guess

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as I hoped, is doing fucking great at pissing me off.
the guide ( says debian's shit is too old (shocker) so it supplies another package repo thing, at ''

this URL is not resolvable from my VPS. generic DNS error. going straight to the IP also fails because cert bullshit

so I check another VPS, on the complete opposite side of the globe (tokyo vs chicago)... same exact issue

need something to get mad at other than my own fucking irl stupidity so I guess I'll try installing pleroma on something

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You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

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Back in my day kids weren't so soft. You'd go to school and get long term emotional trauma that damaged all your future relationships and you'd tell yourself that was fine and good.

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i *would* mute the word furry but then i would also miss any dunks on furries. it's a struggle

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