I know that most people don't keep moths as pets, but if I did, I'd call him Grand Moth Tarkin.

Yesterday, @Ashrand kindly helped me understand how Mastodon instances can filter hate speech platforms through blocklists like BLOCKchain (github.com/dzuk-mutant/blockch).

Does anyone know how I can find out which instances use this (or similar) blocklists to filter out hate speech? My DuckDuckGo skills fail me... :blobsad:

(I've had enough Nazis, Nazi-apologists, and 'free speech' enthusiasts. My mental health is extremely poor and tenuous, and I need somewhere safe to express myself.)

(Not) Canon:
Pentakill decimate Bandle City in the Mortal Reminder music video.

Head (Not) Canon:
It was not on purpose, but the result of a band of uncoordinated musicians wanting to share the love of metal with little Yordles.


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@praeceptor_effervescere ignore those trolls. They just want to inject their diet ethnostate politics with ease.

To all the people telling me I need to learn to 'tolerate' nazis and other fascists... that they are just people with 'different opinions', and are just saying stuff that I 'disagree with'...

Why are Vega 64 graphics cards so hard to find...? All the retailers I check have Vega 56 cards, but not Vega 64 cards.


Can I please ask the Mastodon community a question?

Everyone talks about Mastodon like it's a bastion of left-wing LGBTIQ people. But on several occasions I've been messaged by (and attacked by) people identifying as actual fascists.

eg. I posted about a far-right group setting up in my neighbourhood, and almost all the replies I got were pro-far-right.

Am I the only one seeing these people? I've been blocking them all individually, but is there a way I can block them all outright please?

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Content Warnings are not for "offensive content" (although offensive content should be under a CW)

they are for people to consent to the consent to reading/interacting with more Serious or Harmful topics

it's not self-censorship. it's providing the subject matter to folks before they engage with the content so they can choose to interact or disengage based on their well-being and other things

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more services, especially federated and distributed ones, should allow the user to migrate all of their data onto a different server.

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syncthing is a cool app

it shows that having a cloud server isn't necessary to backup everything, and that it's possible to do peer to peer for everything really well

Yeah, if you message me and you're a fascist or a conservative, or some kind of capitalist-apologist, I'm just gonna block you. So don't bother, okay? Just eff off instead.

Can someone please explain to me how American conservatives can criticise 'liberals' with a straight face? Aren't they liberals too? I'm so confuzzled... :blobunsure:

I'm thinking of getting a Donald Trump action figure, and taking him on a photographic tour of all the filthiest public toilets across Sydney.

I don't know if that'd get any followers though... :awesome:

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So many new people here, it's not been like this since that last birdsite banwave

Anyways install GNU

Micro$oft is going to give the U.S. Military access to 'all the technology [they] create', according to Microsoft President Brad Smith.


'Microsoft is “going to provide the U.S. military with access to the best technology … all the technology we create. Full stop,” Brad Smith said Saturday during a panel at the Reagan National Defense Forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.'

Does anyone know any good ways to deal with severe cases of envy? Like... rage-inducing envy?

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if linux could run more games i'd probably switch

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apparently there was a Fallout 76 easter egg in Fallout 3, Bethesda can apparently predict the future

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