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hi niu. thinking of working on a small project about journaling but i'd like some data to affirm assumptions I'm working off of. it'd help a bunch if y'all took this 1-2 min survey :blobblush:

god i wish i could take care of plants better. i'm such a bad plant boy.

I'm both so motivated to do shit but also very tired so I just sorta sit there....

ny is too cold rn. this needs to stop happening. summer should come kick winter's ass is so cute, it's got so many helpful animals in hoodies

never try to roll for a specific waifu in a gacha game, it'll ruin your laifu :blobdab:

my dad just accidentally spilled beer on the cat???

i was hoping for kako but hell I'll take nana

barely any work needed to be done today. only a few of us came in, not even my boss showed up... we just drank, watched youtube videos, and played pool lol.

why do idols always ask me if im ready. ofc i am, tf

omw to work and it still feels like I'm on vacation... :blobdrool:

please keep the christmas animemes comin :miyano_yay:

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