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i still have no clue why void isn't generating initramfs's when a new version of the kernel is installed but at the same time i've sorta started to learn how to use dracut to generate them myself? so whatever

like all the rest of the components are coming together really well in my head and i can see how they all fit together and work and everything but it's just a bunch of question marks at the rendering stage

i'm sorta frustrated with myself because the only part of this i'm really having a ton of trouble piecing together is the actual 3d rendering part of it

ugh i really wanna do this properly and use gfx-rs for my rendering and all but at the same time gfx-rs is just such a nightmare to wrap your brain around right now because of everything going on with it

like, i've already got the other components planned out and if i move to something like piston everything i've done is just gonna be redundant

Did the niu machine break there for a minute or was that just me?

why the fuck is every rust graphics thing going through some major change rn making decent documentation basically nonexistent

i can't keep reading examples that don't work and just reading through the barebones documentation i'm gonna actually go insane

I definitely get the feeling i'm gonna be working on figuring out gfx-rs for at least a couple more days.

Current goal: rendering a collada model with textures

Guys i'm so excited I was just looking through my meme folder and I can use this image now

Tons of bugs*

It was so beautiful ๐Ÿ’™

Funnily enough the eclipse was the least memorable part of the trip :p

We were eating fruit and some of the scraps and stuff got on the ground and I think we spent hours just watching all these tons bugs make this beautiful pattern weaving in and out of each other and grabbing the bits of strawberry and stuff

I still remember last time we tripped together ๐Ÿ’™ it was her first time tripping and we went camping up in the mountains and watched the eclipse on acid

Guys i'm gonna be candy flipping with my gf in about two weeks I'm so excited

Only with, like, actual complex stuff, but still

I wish I could program way more than my brain lets me tbh. Like after a while my brain is just Done and I become stupid

i just had some eggy ramen so if you were gonna say that you gotta cross it off the list

yoo i just realized it's my birthday in my timezone

what should I do to celebrate, y'all?

i just really hate that i'm not actually putting code into the project most of these days while i'm learning these things. It's all being done in a test folder instead so i can learn the design patterns behind all this stuff