for those not following my kwsp account, stopped federating outgoing posts about an hour ago.

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It looks like my instance stopped federating one hour ago.

im not sure how much of my followers follow my account ( @waifu ) but: is down until further notice because pleroma won't start and I don't know what else to do to get it to work. I was just updating. *shrug

took care of some reports and suspended the spammer, hopefully all is ok now

do polls work

i guess that ill just go to sleep

i honestly just dont wanna mess it up even more than it is

i still do not consider that running...

see, theres a pleroma installation guide already.............. so no problem

I highly doubt that the server seizure would coincide with the pleroma update I did like an hour before that happened?
you guys dont write elixir this brutal right

why is this still considered a running instance

not like i know what everyone is talking about now LMAO

also gonna be quite another effort to install it all again, and import the emoji and stuff. probably might put it off a lot

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