you hear someone knocking on your door

"oh? who might that be?", you think to yourself, as you get up and walk to your door

you open the door

oh! what a surprise! it's lennart poettering, he wishes to install systemd onto your system

the rest of the story is up to you
make me proud, fediverse!


— May i come in?
he asks. He’s carrying a bag overflowing with lines of codes.
— Do you really need all that?
i ask him, but before he gets the time to answer i notice three semis parked in the street, all sporting a flashing redhat logo.
— Don’t tell me…
The trucks also appeared to be full of lines of code. They were so heavy that you could see their wake in the narrow cobblestone street. No one would be able to walk down that path again.
They were so wide that they had torn balconies apart. No one would be able to witness the sunrise again.
They were so powerful that that they left a dark smoke cloud behind them, no one will ever enjoy the fresh air again.

But when looking at this ravaged street, the pottering sees a nice clean efficient modern highway.
Let this be a warning of his devastating power, he will destoy all on his path. He will ask you nicely to let him in, but when he comes to your door it’s already too late.

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