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controversial pol/fedi meta 

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tired as hecc but now i get to be high all morning :blobcatmelt:
thx ms endorphin

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i COULD go to sleep

but then again i could also keep watching more macross 7 :blobcatthinkOwO:

also: software, advertising, pornography…

sometimes i get scared thinking about how much space in the brain is used for stupid stuff like the layout of the maps of video games i haven’t played in years but then i remember that space isn’t used for anxiety or fear or sadness so it’s not too bad i guess

ok i DEFINITELY need to stop snacking

also some potential avi material
wish it looped better

second time i watch macross 7 and i think like it even more than the first time

though i guess i can always offset with mpv but still, you’re the hero of all bathroom singers worldwide

hi if you make lyrics videos and you offset the lyrics so you can see them before they’re sung you’re my hero

will a song ever bring humanity together the same way despacito did?

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there’s like a big schism in the fedi community and there’s cuties on both sides and it’s kinda sad :/

ok i think i need to stop snacking for good

ok that’s it vagrant has been cancelled for being Bad Software™ :blobcatangery:
k im done being mad :bunlove:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i only had one smol conversation irl all day and it’s rly awkward someone cut my tongue pls

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