i tried to go see them but i got there too late and now it's raining :blobsad:

i'm alone in the woods with my dog on the verge of tears and there's a fanfare playing in the distance this is surreal

this last streak had been going on for weeks too, even started working out and everything... now i ruined it again

no one cares 

“Oh, that person doesn’t want to go vote, I’ll call them a fascist, that’ll surely change their mind”
I really hate today.

with all the work i had to do still in the way, now i have the rest of the day to feel bad about myself

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I want the superpower to be able to eliminate all the mosquitoes on the planet.

why can you not change your fov in portal 1 this is so dumb

water is so disgusting in the morning

It’s scarily easy it is to impersonate someone on the internet (I’ll change back dw :p )

like when I fav a post it can mean anything from “oh cool” to “I tried to write an elaborate response but it felt weird so have a star instead”

why can i not into words, I probably wrote at least three times as many posts here than I have submitted

>certificate expired
>ssh in and run acmetool manually
>"all combinations failed"
>rerun with --xlog.severity=DEBUG

Made some haiku inspired borders for i3 cause I got tired of solid color ones and I quite like it.

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