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taping my vacuum cleaner shut Just in Case™ because that's how crazy i am

there’s like ~70% chance i’m gonna have a nightmare about that bug that got in earlier

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how do i hang a twitch clip on my wall

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you could remove the guns from this game and i’d still love it. part of why i think it’s an amazing game really

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I'm gonna love you, no matter what you say 🎵

cs would be better without the awp don’t @ me

oh, and with a high supply of flamethrowers

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moving in to a sterilized lab with a decontamination sas. it would also have to be above ground with a few connections to it, guarded at all times

can’t anyone just kill all bugs already…

please :blobcatnotlikethis:

i have `v' bound as push-to-mute in mumble which means anyone on the server can see when i’m pressing v and i wonder if you could actually make anything of that…


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