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I am creating a stream-based programming language Dew to express my game contents, which has a strong focus on dynamics of the game world.
The language design of Dew is mostly completed, and I am working on a compiler implementation written in OCaml. Dew programs will be compiled to native binary via LLVM.

i like the new emoji set on niu. also media is much faster :blobcatfluffhappy:

To anyone who is interested, I've set up a website for Dew here: The website contains a spec doc and a long blot post for now. :blobcat:

I have been continuously surprised by the capabilities of Dew language. By doing thought experiments, I haven't yet found a problem that can't be satisfactorily solved in Dew. At this moment, it's all too abstract; maybe I should show some cool demos after I finish the compiler.

Although I am the language's sole author, I only built it to have a few building blocks, and how these blocks can be combined is still an unexplored territory to me. This seems a very good sign to me that the language would be a success (not in the sense of popularity).

legit: An esoteric programming language where programs are defined by the graph of commits in a Git repository.

Argdown: A markdown-like syntax for complex argumentation

Discovered an embed-able scripting language like Lua, with Lisp syntax but without first-class environments:

A list of interesting programming language related things. Some of them have been well-known to me, and have inspired me a lot. :ablobowo:

Fun programming language: Aceto is a simple stack language that is based on a 2D Hilbert curve grid.

(I am going to post more interesting programming languages, and I'll tag them with )

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