The Poll to End All Polls
Which side is the fediverse on?

@ocean A vote for Alpacc is a vote for catgirls everywhere

@ocean @Ocean I will forsake my mewer status to fight for the llama

@Ocean @ocean llamas are misunderstood creatures. you need to truly know one before you see the truth.

@woodcat Alpacc are more soff, more gentle, more forgiving
That is why Alpacc win everytime

@ocean llama is just as sweet, they're just too proud to admit it. they have to pretend their feelings aren't hurt when people choose alpacas first.

As someone who has lead a llama through the mountains, I know which one you can rely on and which one will let you down.

Alpacas are shallow but llama is forever.

@ocean Im too confused to understand. Is there a third option?


The only third option could maybe be Sheep but they aren't really the same kinda class so I can't add them to the poll sorry

@ocean 🎶 There were llamas, llamas, wearing pink pajamas in the store...

@ocean Bashar Al Pacca is bigger and fluffier. +1 for Alpaca.

@ocean How will it all end?

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