I own a lot of weird shit
But this is probably the rarest game I own
I got this by signing up to some strange limited beta program for a new disk format back in 2011

I don't think many people were selected

@ocean wait...so if you insert that you basically brick an xbox from using xbox live permanently? i might be interested in that ISO


@jeffcliff Yes!
It will brick any xbox 360 that hasn't been manually approved for this beta program
This was a FULL VERSION of Halo Reach, which, at the time I got this was a game that was being sold for 60$
I mean it'd just been out for a few months

Anyways the new Xbox will also play halo Reach but I wonder if this obscure version of the game will work, I wonder if they'd remember that they approved my account for this beta access thing 9 years ago

@lizzeboof @jeffcliff

No idea, tbh I'm scared to even try it on the same system all these years later

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