Anyone have good rec for a cell phone without all that "smart phone" bullshit like apps and stuff
Ideally something simple that is running free software

Dark Souls building code violation number 503220
Where are the guard rails come on guys

I made a good bit of progress in Dark Souls!
I beat all of Blighttown! I only died once there
It actually wasn't even half as hard as people hyped it up as being!!!
Someone did invade me while I was in the poison swamp and I thought my heart was gonna pound out of my chest while I was fighting them. Actually very exciting when so much is on the line~

Then I went to fight ceaseless discharge in the Demon Ruins and well, I'm gonna save him for later

Sen's Fortress is the first time so far in this game where I was just like "oh my lord why is it so hard please have mercy god why" it was like an NES game or something
The part where you have to walk across a very long slim beam with massive axes swinging all around you while a dude shoots you from the distance and another dude is on the platform with you fighting you close up is just cruel
The boss of the level was easier than beating the level. I died more there than anywhere else

Anyways I beat that and now I'm all the way at Anor Londo!!!!
I'm terrified of the two big bois that I know are coming
Nothing can prepare me
vewy scared very hecking scared

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"A real man has the courage to shit in a urinal, but the sense not to"

I did it! I beat the hardest boss so far for me!
The Gaping Dragon was rough, but I finally beat it after about 5 or 6 tries!

I then upgraded some with the souls I got from that and then stopped playing for tonight

because I know whats next
Blight Town

I'm terrified of what is to come.

"No cursing on live TV" but instead of just a person saying the word "fuck" they actually mean like literally someone chanting magical words on live television cursing every viewer

Believe it or not! I actually beat the Capra Demon on the very first try!
It was close but I did it!!!
Dark Souls has been a breeze upto here!

Then I went into the depths!
I faffed around down there until I accidentally stumbled upon the Gaping Dragon with only 2 Estus Flasks left
My pyromancies did only a tiny sliver of his health and then he stepped on me and I fell down and the he walked ontop of me and I got squished!
My first death to a boss so far in this run!
I lost 6000 souls uguu
Stopped there for the night uwu

I beat the Bell Gargoyles with only one try!
Praise the sun!!

I saved and quit before the Capra Demon fight tonight
I'm gonna get hecked tomorrow uguu

9 months since I ordered I finally got my copy of Celeste in the mail
It came with a card that said
that they were sorry it took so long and to please buy from them again because it doesn't normally take that long

No thanks my dudes

They should have given people download codes so they could play it before getting the copy.

It's so late in the year now now that it's holiday season and there are tons of other games coming out to play.


Weary traveler will it be the light path
the dark path

Started Dark Souls again!
Way of White

I made it all the way down to the Valley of the Drakes before being totally stomped by the big bois and now I'm bacc at Firelink

Xbox 360 graphics still look good!!!

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