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I just imagine this image in my head when I want to summon @esheep

Usually works

Soon I will enter the Coffee Realm

Death Note but it's Hug Note
You write a persons name in the book that you want to be hugged and then they get hugged

This red wine I got is legit the best wine I've ever had
The entire bottle was only 12$
I'll be getting more for sure

It's crazy to think that 8-bit games were still coming out just 20 years ago~
I miss those times!

Your family before eating dinner: "Thanks for the food"

Me before eating dinner: "Moe Moe Mew Mew Please Bless this Chew"

My friend in PMs to me:

"you are proof that god does not exist"

Bought two bottles of some nice red wine
2017 uwu

Now is usually the time I'd say
Thyme for Croffé
But this morning I made some tea

Thryme for Trea

Encryption is bad beacuse Crypts are for dead people we need outcryption so our messages don't die before they are sent

Every stupid shitpost I've typed up in the last 3 months has been typed with a keyboard that is older than I am!

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