Gonna use that account migration feature now

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Here is a gameclip of me playing Halo Reach literally a decade ago (ok not really this was recorded in early 2011(still))

This was a really really really cool moment!!!!!!!!!!!

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They say "The best Defense is a Good Offense" and thats because the best way to De-Fence your yard is to take Off the Fence

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I will honestly never get tried of this picture
I will repost this until the end of time

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Chose ur favorite u heckers

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Idea for a wep in a video game (Fortnite is the game I have in mind)

It's a grenade type called


It's like a big railroad spike but with the texture of a PCB on it
When you throw it at the enemy it explodes and hits anyone in the area

THE LAG SPIKE makes the victim's game run at about 10 Frames Per Second for a short 5 second period

I'd functionally be like a flash bang
You could throw it in at a group of baddies before charging in with a teammate with a huge advantage after tossing the spike

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@fristi @esheep @lucidiot

Trash talking beer drinking catgirl onee-san who hangs out in her dirty room and streams Gears of War all day

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Kinda fucked that we have both
Chocolate Milk
Milk Chocolate

Think about it

Gotten to the point with Mewtube that I'll just type in, for example, "Memories" and expect the Akatsuki Records song to come up

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@ocean Pay 20 Snakebucks™ to pull the lever and get a chance to earn new exclusive Snakeskins™!

None of my followers want to play Fortnite with me :'<

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Got really lucky in the Halloween playlist and had probably my best play in this game yet~

I hecked the entire enemy team in one go and won the game!

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Cute catgirl vtuber who plays Gears of War at a esports level when

Happy birthdaty to tom halloween

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Nude Picture of Me 18+ 

You've been warned

Having a Touhou song stuck in your head and not knowing which one it is or what game it's from fucking SUCKS
Because you can't just look up the lyrics, and there are SO MANY touhou games and songs, it'd take forever to find

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