Time to chew the bedding
Work tomorrow feels

Goodnight friends!

Also because I can't help myself here is a pic of the new car
There is an Akina Speed Stars sticker on the other side uwu

I got a new car and now I drift on every single turn

‎EA: We can't port FIFA to the Switch, the hardware isn't powerful enough

CDprojetkred: how about Witcher 3

@rye won't add me on xbox
She messaged me and said she wouldn't add me because I was "human trash" and then I begged her to add me and she said she'd burn down my house

Red Dead Redemption 2 right
But when you start it up the song it plays as the title theme is RAM RANCH

Another screenshot because I have nothing else to post thanks

I hope you have a very anime easter

Hi I'm ocean and welcome to jackass

dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda2

You know Xbox is making bodywash and deodorant, I'd really like to see Nintendo do the same

Maybe then Smash players would bathe

Goodnight friends
I hope you guys have very mew mew days
See you tomorrow~

The guy who wrote Ram Ranch is probably the greatest poet of the 21st century

Once you beat Dark Souls a portal to a different dimension opens up inside your room and you can go in and it's just this room with food service and a table and you can just eat and drink with the other people that beat Dark Souls too

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