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You know what to do

If I was the singer in a band, at live shows I'd do that annoying thing where the singer has the crowd sing a part of the song, but I'd just do that for every song for the entire setlist

Why don't they make fully CG movies or tv shows 60fps
Like it'd make them look so much better

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Alright guys car posting is done after this, this car can't be topped

This is the very peak of the food chain

Yayy Minecraft Bedrock is coming to PS4 now more people can play on my Realm huhu!

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Please add me pals

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

After a long journey of setting up a TV stand I finally have my 2160p TV setup and plugged into everything uwu

So TV situation update
I bought a new TV stand
But it's 62kg
It weighs more than I do

How the hecc am I gonna get it into my room
Only time will tell

I love that one of the decals on it just says "PAD" obviously in reference to poor Sakuya

Also there is an Akatsuki Records decal on the back THE POWER OF STACC

And no one asked for it but here is the car I've been playing with the most lately

ZUN power

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What do you guys think this awesome car I got OwO

It's based off one of the ending animations of Urusei Yatsura~
Cosmic Cycling!!!

I got a nice new 2160p TV with HDR and I was so excited but the feet it stands on are on the far edges of the TV and it's too big for my current TV stand

*very sad mewing*

You know what to do

The Miiverse was the best place on the internet then Nintendo had to ruin it

Ok so we have this thing called Black Friday right
Where prices are lower
And Cybermonday where prices are lower

But we should have a new one

White Sunday
On White Sunday every price is 10 times the usual price

Wanna buy a video game? That'll be 6000$ thank you

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the future of gaming is straight up shoving the controller up your ass to play

Hecc today makes 2 years I've been using my Model M keyboard uwu

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