Well I have to eat 40g of walnuts everyday. It gives my omega-3 and omega-6 lipids. And it’s 30% of fats that I need daily.

In next life I want to be French speaker. Or maybe I can learn basic French in this life.

Cronometer is awesome app for healthy eating.

Not sure about second child. We can handle one. But second can destroy everything. I will spent all my time and money for kids. Kids are great. But what about my feelings and wishes.

Friday. Sunny and warm. I’ll eat sushi at lunch with friend. And I hope it will be very calm day. I need to chill anyway.

I’m fighting with my IRL mental problems is imaginary world. Where I have a lot of models of acting and visualization of my parts.

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What I'm hoping now is that we will not rebuild it "like it was before".

It would still take decades of tinkering and engineering, but having a 21th century "patch" would be awesome, like Le Louvre's pyramid.

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Game of Thrones s08e01 is like Marvel and Dead Space mixed together in medieval settiings. Last minutes of of episode is just speechless and best scene of GoT ever.

I need to reduce anxiety level.

I have to eat with guest. So it was 20 hours starvation.

Only 8 hours left. I’ve changed motor oil in car and have to drive back to home full of food. Where I’ll drink tea with guests.

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