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"we noticed you're using an adblocker." very observant of you! i wonder what other information you'd be collecting if not for my adblocker. and no i won't turn it off.

Do you guys agree with that widely used argument that it is not really necessary to like maths to become a programmer and just the basics suffice?

One of the most dangerous depressive people habits is not asking for help or not opening up to close friends and suffer for weeks expecting someone to notice while feeling more worthless, detached and abandoned with each passing day

They have their own lives and I somehow expect them to have eyes on me while I keep actively avoiding everyone this is not only paradoxical but really egoistic. Makes me feel low-key bad person ngl

I'll probs be 50 yo and still rocking to Shibayan Records

How long have y'all been studying programming?

Cute little cat girl wants to pass you da boof

Is there some kind of bun conspiracy going on here

I'm trying to eat less bread but oh god I want one so badly rn

Woke up feeling so dizzy I had to wait for almost ten minutes to be able to get up @_@
Gotta love orthostatic hypotension

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