@noriko 7 is a rather specific number, I wonder how it's calculated.
Just repeating the same mantra may hardly be counted as explaining several times.


It's calculated by taking a number that is quite high for a number of times that a simple thing needs to be explained.

That's about as deep as I can go with explaining a joke I didn't even write.

@noriko I relate to this so much but also when I can’t hear and the person repeats what they say like 5 times and I still don’t know what they said!!!! 😭😭

@smotheredbyblankets Ugh that's the worst. I also have trouble comprehending some people and it feels really terrible. Some people get particularly frustrated.

@noriko Yes! It sucks because like I’m not doing it on purpose I just can’t hear! And then they look at me like they want to hurt me. But sometimes I leave the situation not knowing what they said and it’s stressful because I don’t want to ask them to repeat themselves.

@smotheredbyblankets Well, (nitpicking on semantics) I have no hearing loss (afaik) - it's that sometimes that I can't discern words. Mostly when there are more than 2-3 people involved or when someone doesn't speak as clearly. Also impossible to tell what someone is saying when they expect me to read their lips / signs.

I was actually having trouble with my boss' accent and it was really embarrassing, but I've learnt his speech patterns so it's much better now.

@noriko I honestly think I have some hearing problems. 🤫 maybe... I don’t know. But yeah I get it. I suck at reading lips too. Or when I’m trying to listen to someone and then someone else comes in trying to talk to me. I’m glad you figured how to handle the problem with your boss. Sometimes things just take time.

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