Sometimes, when I was on duty in my sentry box, I imagined that I was instead standing guard on Arrakis, on an equally cold and dry night, hoping for some sort of salvation from the mind numbing sensation of isolation and hopelessness.

Hold onto that red pen, just in case.

Do you think she heard me when I yelled

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The two days of spring have passed. It is now summer
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Uncertainty breeds doubt.

Doubt slows you down.

Fear kills you.

Make your intentions clear and commit early.

Not even over skype do I look at my parents in the eyes.

And now we pray that this rusty verion of numpy compiles within the next 5 hours, so that scipy maybe compiles within another 3 hours, so that this optimizer can stop pretending it's a python library.

Ah, qemu. I'm so grateful you exist, but sometimes, your performance kills me.

I cannot believe this dude is using 0-indexing and 1-indexing in the same program.

Why, why must I have to port this.

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