If you're working with somebody from a remote team, they can mutate an object exported by a reducer (which in itself is a brainfuck to the definition of reducer) and they won't have to hear you screaming at the screen.

Open ./reducer/sth.js in a React+Redux project I got from a remote team.

/* sth.js */
export default {
// Some weird shit

:rainbowthink: :blobhyperthink: :rainbow_puke:

I don't want to know whether they are paid more than I am.

Doesn't work on server

---- A few hours later ----

Reboot server in desperation

It works :megusta:

When it works on your laptop but doesn't work on the server :rainbow_puke:

Suffered from pericoronitis for almost a week and finally got the tooth removed.

In addition to the pain, I'm bleeding.

No banking can't be done online these days bruh. What do you mean I can't close my account online and have to physically queue up in a branch.

This bank counter queue for supposedly richer people is moving forward slower than the queue for the common folks

Your password strength is as strong as the security measures of your web application provider.

If they leak your password, it doesn't matter how strong the password itself is.

Woke up late by 20min, got out late by 10min so I earned 10min of sleep time


Now that I passed the written test, I'm one step closer to my driving license

There's a dog event I paid $799HKD for, so I hope it doesn't rain on Sunday.


this is the best website in existance

cws for eye contact from neural network generated anime girls

(followup to "thispersondoesnotexist.com", theres more sources in the sites' title)

Wanna try flutter our but donno what app to write

Wow I must've been very late to discover that I can now add niu to homescreen as progressive web app :blobbounce:

tbh RK987 feels a lot like majestic touch 2 except for the satellite shafts

Bluetooth mechanical keyboard for cheap is definitely nice though

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