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will likely be on break from fediverse for awhile gn

Mavis Beacon Teaches You How To Press The 'A' Key

every time i use the restroom i expect there to be a little goblin behind the shower curtain

bit disappointed by new pokemon, was really hoping they couldve done something new with the whole thing but whatever

i have decided to keep this icon forever. if anyone catches me changing it please beat me to a pulp and insult my highly reflective and smooth brain

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wearin thigh highs and playin mario tonight..

would like to raise awareness of the horrors of the font 'hobo'. it's literally everywhere and is honestly much worse than comic sans could ever hope to be

back into near-religiously listening to 'how to leave town' seriously how could a simple, not extremely well known, near lofi, indie rock record dubbed an ep by its creator have this sublime of instrumentation and lyrical content thank you for coming to my ted talk

i derive happiness from the word rectangle

anyone else think the term fediverse sounds a little silly i mean it works but idk

we up in here smokin churros..

he wasnt on yots but i dont care hes a great guitarist

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !