Näkeekö äänestyspaikan mistää muualta ku siitä lapusta?

Feels like so many of the people I follow have gone silent

Really don't like the Dota 2 UI.

Where are thefollow fridays? Not enough noise in my timelines

Valve is making some decent effort with the new Steam Chat, but not being able to edit and delete messages is still very 2005.

I wonder what Github's ultimate goal is with the sponsor project. I'm guessing they're simply trying agressively to tie developers' incomes to Github for now? Increase adoption and then pull some levers?

Tusky really needs pop-up confirmation dialogs upon faving and reprööting :blob_cry:

never gave weather the permission to get this hot

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hi! while Pleroma itself does not presently accept donations, some of the developers, like myself, certainly do. to that end, you may wish to look at my new Patreon when considering how to fund fediverse development.

while donating to anyone (including Gargron) is a net positive for the fediverse, sponsoring individual developers whose ethical values align with your own may be a better option for you.

i mainly started a patreon because numerous people have enquired about whether i had one.

as i have previously discussed, i am trying to concentrate on ways to make money that are aligned with my goal of building a fediverse that can truly take the open web back from the proprietary services like facebook.

also, if you are building things with Pleroma or other related fediverse technology, you may want to pay close attention to my offered tiers -- i'm offering a substantial discount on what i normally charge for consulting on there, but it only applies to work that benefits the fediverse in a tangible way.

Too many rautas in the tuli right now

Reading through another programming book and again realizing I need more tasks alongside this for it to be meaningful... Guess I'll try see if I can figure out how to interact with the X clipboard and do something vaguely useful with it.

I should hold an award show for the most wholesome fedi accounts

Anyone else feel like music sounds faster just after waking up? Am I crazy?

Missed Kaniini's stream. FeelsBadMan

I should probably CW the depressing Twitter stuff.

Fairly sure the person running the MastodonProject account enjoys the reactions they're getting more than having a discussion.

Jesus, why is Mastodon's Twitter account so belligerent? Or am I being bamboozled here?

I've decided making i3 look good instead is probably worth the effort afterall

Uninstalled Plasma and it left with a vengeance: uninstalled the themes I liked, changed icons to the ugliest possible and changed themes back to light themes.

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