has so many good casters. Love listening to cap+blitz.

Shipping was free, yet UPS is charging their own fee upon arrival. I'm a bit upset.

Remember that it's spelled atomosphere if you're exiting it and it's on this earth

Christ, the anti Fedilab shit is still going

Then again I think I'd feel less fatigue if I ate other things besides french fries and sriracha

I think I'd get more things done if I felt awake for more than 2 hours per day

Makes me really sad to part from my red switches but my ears can't take the sweet clacking anymore :blobsad:

If any of you have some free audio resources on cantonese word pronunciation, send 'em my way. Currently the last thing I need to make the ultimate Anki deck.

I just want to find more sick-ass guitar solos like the first one on Bark at the Moon

:3 is the original uwu
never forget that

Confirming Fedilab is broken there.

Is there really 8 hours between toots or is Fedilab simply not loading toots again? Guess we'll boot Tusky to make sure.

Frustrated with the amount of stuff I still have tied to gmail. Need to make a habit of cleaning up a bit every day and maybe one day I can just finally end it.

Apparently Valve's ACO fixes the GPU crashes for some. Is it time to beta test for Valve then?

Are there any documents on how to make a proper, helpful bug report? I've got a repeatable case of GPU crash and would like to report it to someone.

Pretty crazy how much you gain by jailbreaking a Vita lol. You can even overclock the damn thing.

Vita downgrade from 3.67 was apparently now possible so I went ahead and got 3.60 and installed henkaku and enso. I'm rarely this excited.

Seems like I almost always wake up to a song playing in my head. Sometimes it's original, today it's the Lord of the Rings tune apparently.

Normally I hold near 0 interest towards celebrities but then go on a wikipedia/youtube rampage if they know more than 1 language 🤔

And one pacman -Syu later, the laptop no longer wakes up from naps. Gotta start launching stuff on boot to make reboots less painful.

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