Hourly reminder that there's 0 proper FOSS alternatives to Discord, and the ones you're thinking of right now aren't proper either.

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Things get more weird every day with Discord now. It is time for an Open Source Discord based on an open Protocol so that anyone can do their on server/client fediverse like.

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RISC-V desktop platform when?

Okay it would seem I can't eat pea soup 3 days straight like I can with all the other tasty foods
What am I gonna do with the rest of this

Sneezing right after taking strepsils :blobsad:

2019 is near and still no record comes close to being as good as Agaetis Byrjun. I'm still waiting.

My keyboard is starting to form a lighter area on my phone's screen and I'm no longer so sure about a dark themed keyboard. Nexus 6 was a mistake.

Still mad LineageOS is the only Android variation that won't install on my phone. I assume it probably has the most eyes on the source code.

Man, Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise is so ridiculously good

I think it's time for another SP binge week

5 hours of struggles later, my app does what I want it to do. Still a shitton to do and deadline in a few days. Help.

I also want to wish everybody a good night's sleep

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You say "Can it run crysis"
But you should say "Can it install Libreboot"

Can't believe Godot Patreon has dropped like 1k and RPCS3 is still stagnating at 3,4k :blobsad:

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The day has come. Today we're gonna deploy a closed-beta Prismo instance!

Sign-ups are closed for public but few people involved in the dev/discussion process + all the patreon/librepay donors will get their beta account to help us test it.

Stay tooned! :)

Had a dream where I started working on a federated last.fm clone. It's my destiny.

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before posting ask yourself first if you wish to have your message relayed irrevocably to thousands of servers

Still loading the sorage. Still no Doom2016 :blobsad:

Maybe this time Doom2016 will actually run properly. How many Proton updates will it take 🤔

Maybe I should start a locked account as well 🤔
Would be nice to have my lower level thoughts and feelings somewhere besides just my head before I eventually kick the bucket.

I wonder if I could convince my school to entirely abandon Unity and switch all teaching material to use Godot instead in under 2 weeks.

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