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So, what launched the exodus over to fediverse this time?

I wish FireFox Android would stop resetting search engines to defaults everytime I change system language.

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More than 500 char long posts collapsed when

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I think some people don't understand why the default character limit in Pleroma is 5000. This isn't to make you actually write 5000 characters. The point is that you can stop thinking about the length of your post.

People these days are used to microblogging. They know how it works, they don't need arbitrary restrictions that only make them do the stupid "1/3" posts.

One day I'll make that epic Threadripper build and run 3 computers from a single machine.

Had I known I was gonna do virtualization :blobsad:

F-droid has gone from not displaying some app icons to no longer displaying any of them 🤔

Spent 4 hours learning how to build .apks in order to change a boolean value in a single line. Day well spent.

I'm pretty sure 95% of people suggesting Riot as an alternative to Discord have never used Discord before 🤔

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本日発売の日経Linuxで、Ubuntu 18.04 LTSにPleromaをインストールする記事を書きました。

No more thelewa streams :/. RIP

Hope I can continue listening Plastic Love 300 times per day in peace despite it becoming a meme

3 weeks of throat and ear aching 😤

What form of cancer do I have give it to me straight doc

Shige on Twitch. Actually interesting plays are back on Twich. Rescue us from bland PP map plays Shige 🙏.

What was the Tusky version that allowed copying text freely and not just the entire toot? Gonna revert back to that and never upgrade.

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Is it possible to use microphone on the Linux Wire client? This is all I'm seeing 🤔

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Tried compiling Godot and lost peripherals and monitor. I guess I should lower the clocks/voltage during hot weather.

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Discord going down isn't the issue

People being dependant on discord ia