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I was watching a Yuru Yuri special and forgot just how hilarious and disturbing Chinatsu's drawings are lol

So I'm at Kroger today and some guy was riding one of those mobility scooters and purposely backed into a guy. They were yelling and it looked like there was about to be a fight. I didn't stick around to see what happened.

Then as I'm leaving Kroger, I ride my bike past these two people, each holding a crowbar, trying to break into someone's car. I'm surprised they didn't notice me. I literally rode right past them. What a great neighborhood I live in /s

2K20 was released today and I'm so excited to play it! I'm downloading it right now. I've been waiting for this game to be released for so long. I just hope it works on Linux. 2K17 and 2K19 run almost perfectly on Linux, so I imagine 2K20 will too.

KDE Connect is one of the most useful Linux programs imo. It pairs your Linux computer with your phone and offers a lot of cool features. Here's a few examples:

- Your phone's notifications will display on your computer.

-You can send files from your phone to your computer.

-You can use your phone to pause audio, like from music players, and pause videos, like from YouTube.

-You can use your phone as a remote mouse, controlling your computer's cursor from your phone.

-And the best option of all, the calling feature. Your computer will display a notification when someone is calling you, and that's not even the best part.

Say you're listening to music on your computer and your phone starts ringing. Not only will your computer notify you that someone is calling you, but your music will automatically pause and unpause once the call is finished.

If you have a Linux computer and a phone, I highly recommend checking out KDE Connect.

I got my new glasses today. It's nuts how much better my vision is now. It's so much easier to see things far away. I regret not getting an eye exam sooner.

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I'm at a loss for words. Sulli, a former member of the k-pop group f(x) was found dead in her home. She committed suicide by hanging. This breaks my heart. The first time I watched an f(x) music video, I instantly fell in love with her. She became my favorite member the second I saw her.

I'm not really a fan of Korean dramas, but I watched To The Beautiful You only because she starred in it. She proved that she's not only a talented singer and dancer, but also a talented actor as well.

Depression isn't a joke! If you're having thoughts of suicide, please try to get help. I know not everyone has access to mental health treatment, but there are still options available. is a website that provides free therapy. There's also which teaches you cognitive behavioral therapy to help manage depression. There's also non-prescription antidepressant options if you can't see a psychiatrist.

Kanna is a plant that has several published studies showing its effectiveness at treating depression. There's also Tianeptine, a prescription antidepressant that's used in Europe to treat depression. It's unscheduled in the U.S., meaning it can be legally purchased without a prescription. There's options available and you're not alone! Please don't give up!

I bought a PS4 controller for my computer and noticed it didn't come with a cable. Anybody know why? I'm not very familiar with the PS4, but isn't a cable required to charge the controller?

I'm trying to find an alternative to Ritalin, so I don't have to rely on it so much. It makes my OCD a lot worse. I'd like to find something that feels similar to Ritalin, but won't worsen my OCD so much.

I ordered some nootropics which I'm hoping will give me the results I'm looking for. I ordered Adrafinil and Phenylpiracetam. I'm getting them tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

I got Super Mystery Dungeon today. I used to own Blue Rescue Team for the DS and it was a lot of fun. If Super Mystery Dungeon is anything like Blue Rescue Team, then I think I'm going to really enjoy this game.

After the god awful ending to the Hell in a Cell main event, I almost feel like Vince doesn't give a shit about anymore. Either that or he's going senile in his old age. He's going to kill WWE if Triple H doesn't take over soon.

AEW is going to be the new top wrestling promotion if things don't change soon. It was so bad that fans were chanting AEW after the show went off air and were chanting "refund" too.

I looked at a clip of the match that WWE uploaded and it has 10,000 more dislikes than likes. A total of 14,000 thousand dislikes! If that doesn't make Vince realize things need to change, then there's little hope for WWE.

WWE Hell in a Cell Spoilers 

The ending to the PPV might have been shit, but at least my two favorite women wrestlers won the tag team championship. :blobcathappy:

Trying to buy bitcoins is such a pain the ass. I tried buying some on Coinmama using my debit card and the transaction kept failing because of some verification error.

I tried using my credit card and the verification worked this time, but right after it said my bank declined the transaction because they don't allow buying cryptocurrencies using a credit card.

I ordered a PayPal debit card linked to my PayPal balance and I'm going to try buying bitcoins with that. I hope it works because I don't know what else to do.

I didn't realize how bad my vision was, even with glasses, until I had an eye exam. I could only read the very top lines on the chart.

Just the night before, I went through the drive-thru at McDonalds and even though I was close to the menu screen, I couldn't read most of the stuff on there. I was in the passenger seat, but still. I can't believe I let myself go this long with such shitty vision.

I recommend getting an eye exam every year, even if you don't think you need one. They can make a world of difference.

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I had an eye exam and I guess my eyeglass prescription was too "heavy", whatever that means. They said I need polycarbonate lenses and I guess those aren't covered by my insurance, which sucks.

What also sucks is that I mainly wanted an eye exam, so I could get a contact lens prescription to buy contacts online. A fitting is needed though and that isn't covered by my insurance either. It costs $60. I hate that I have to pay that much just so I can buy some contacts.

AEW Spoilers 

Riho beat Nyla to become the first-ever AEW women's champion! I'm so proud of her. She deserves it so much.

I got a really creepy voicemail message. I got a voicemail and it was a computerized voice that said "thank you". That's it. Just "thank you" and nothing else.

This alone isn't that creepy, but what is creepy is the fact that I received the same exact message 10 different times. 10 different voicemails and all of them were the same computer voice saying "thank you" and then nothing.

I learned how to block internet access to certain programs on Linux, thanks to a reddit post. All you need is firejail and you type the following command:

firejail --net=none (appname)

So for example, firejail --net=none firefox would launch firefox with internet access blocked. It's a pretty useful command.

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