I came across a neat tool for MyAnimeList. You put in your MAL username and the site generates a bunch of interesting stats and info. The site is

Here's some examples of what it shows:

-The percentage of anime you've watched out of every anime that's been released (I've only watched 2.21% of all anime)

-Total number of franchises watched

-Average time a day spent watching anime

-Most watched types of anime (TV, movie, OVA, etc) and most watched genres

-Anime recommendations based on all the anime you've watched

-Cool achievements and a leveling system. You can rank up by watching a certain amount of episodes in a specific genre.

For example, your slice of life rating is level 1 and if you watch 20 more slice of life anime, you rank up to level 2.

I believe once you reach a certain level, you unlock an achievement.

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