9 years ago, I signed up for Facebook. I was still 10 at the time!

However, month after month, year after year, I have been using Facebook less and less.
It became one of the worst thing humanity ever created.

Fuck you Facebook, and goodbye.

@angristan You are lucky, I cannot even delete it. I registered an account a few years ago and mostly unused. I recently did a password reset, then my account was immediately locked due to suspicious activities (ofc for Facebook, to them: someone suddenly attempted to log into it after a password reset) Then it forces me to authenticate myself via a phone number, but I don't own that phone number anymore, and the FB account becomes a zombie forever.


@niconiconi @angristan A similar thing happened to me. I deleted my main account, but I had kept an alt account for contacting someone I know. I tried logging in one day and they made me verify my account in the stupidest way.

They wanted to send one of my friends a text message with a code. That friend would then have to tell me the code. Only problem is that none of my FB friends I know in real life. FB is the only way I can contact them. Stupidest verification method I've ever heard of.

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