@nichii I will never recommend Windows 10 for anybody's personal use. If they have some niche program that they need Windows 10 for at work or something, then my recommendation is moot. If I were to recommend Windows 10, I would be partially responsible for whatever Microsoft does to that individual. Data mining, etc...


@apaperez Yeah, Windows 10 is a privacy nightmare. I would never recommend it to anyone. I only use it to play games not available on linux and that's it. I don't save any personal information or files on there.

If someone needs a program that only runs on Windows, it's worth trying to get it to run in wine. If it doesn't work, a virtual machine is always an option.

@nichii Yeah I try to have a Windows 7 vbox for like printer drivers that only work on Windows. You know to actually set the printer up. Getting it connected to wifi and what not. I don't have a very high end computer for games so I just play the classics, Doom etc. I install them through steam-wine and then use source ports to run them. Works for me to keep me entertained.

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