This guy has clearly never met a linux user.

@melunaka @lanodan @nichii bc i know a lot of arch users that are like the vegans of the linux world.

@RussSharek @kura @lanodan @nichii I mean, I always see people saying this kind of things but never witnessed it — although I now for sure there are jerks using Arch Linux


Being a jerk and a Linux user are mutually exclusive traits of the human condition. It's entirely possible to be one, the other, neither or both.

@kura @lanodan @nichii

@kura @melunaka @lanodan @nichii More like the PETA of the linux world. Most vegans hate PETA. PETA is the Arch linux of activism. LOL

@donblanco @kura @lanodan @nichii That’s a bad comparison because Arch Linux is not doing any annoying lobbying by itself

@melunaka @kura @lanodan @nichii yeah, so maybe PETA members/advocates. I excel at stretching analogies :)

@kura Not yet, but it's something I want to eventually do. Just to see if I can do it.

@nichii if you go with it, prefer funtoo over gentoo. its basically the system, just some performance and speed optimizations to the portage tree.

@kura Interesting, thanks. I'll look into it.

@kura @nichii I gave Gentoo a shot. I actually love it for its documentation that is possibly only 2nd to Arch's. I loved portage. It was very straightforward. Only reason I went back to Arch was the compile times on Gentoo. It took more than a day and a half and was still compiling Firefox... I'd probably use Gentoo if I could find a way to at least mitigate that issue.

@apaperez Yeah, that's the big reason why I prefer arch over gentoo. The compiling times are too long for me.

@apaperez @nichii get a decent cpu (never had that issue on a modern one). use compiler caches (drastically reduces recompile times). use appropriate gcc flags (more specialized flags, especially on gcc, is faster compile time). check your USE flags (the less you USE, the less to compile). check for distributed compiling (if you have multiple machines. examples are distcc and icecc/icecream).

@kura @apaperez I have a AMD FX-6300 Six-Core CPU. Not sure how great it is for compiling, but it works well for everything else. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

@kura @nichii I had it running with a KDE Plasma DE. I have a somewhat generic quad core intel cpu with 8gb of ram on the machine I tried it with. I followed the wiki to set something to perform multiple jobs based on how many cores I had. I set that, but to no avail. I recently tried an install of Calculate Linux to see if it would create the file any differently. As soon as I have some time, Ill give it another shot. It does require lots of time and patience.

@apaperez @nichii

also, if you change your march or mtune flags (I suggest march over mtune. Read the 2 links there) you should recompile gcc twice.
You run a stage one gcc.
When u compile gcc first, it creates a stage 2 gcc (optimized gcc with generic code gen)
you compile a second time, you get stage 3 (optimized gcc with optimized code gen).
not sure if the ebuild does it on its own now. check the log output if it compiles twice.

@kura @nichii I will keep this handy. Thanks for the info. When I get a chance I will attempt another install. It is a bit of a project so I will have to set aside some time.

@nichii But have you heard of #NixOS yet? It's like #Guix but #MIT and not #GNU and uses some domain specific functional programming language instead of #lisp, but it has more packages...

@pl I've never heard of it before. It seems interesting. I'll check it out, thanks.

@nichii I used to be that person, but I realized nobody cares so I don't bring it up. I still have to use Windows for Adobe's software and Linux supports fewer games so it's a moot point for most people

@nichii I always, always recommend AmigaOS. Never used it. Always recommend it.

@nichii or BSD, or Mac....

Actually, now that I think about it, Windows is about the ONLY OS I've never heard a positive/recommendation discussion about.

Ususally, anytime Windows is being "recommended", it's because "X software is the best, but you'll have to run Windows to use it."

@nichii I will never recommend Windows 10 for anybody's personal use. If they have some niche program that they need Windows 10 for at work or something, then my recommendation is moot. If I were to recommend Windows 10, I would be partially responsible for whatever Microsoft does to that individual. Data mining, etc...

@apaperez Yeah, Windows 10 is a privacy nightmare. I would never recommend it to anyone. I only use it to play games not available on linux and that's it. I don't save any personal information or files on there.

If someone needs a program that only runs on Windows, it's worth trying to get it to run in wine. If it doesn't work, a virtual machine is always an option.

@nichii Yeah I try to have a Windows 7 vbox for like printer drivers that only work on Windows. You know to actually set the printer up. Getting it connected to wifi and what not. I don't have a very high end computer for games so I just play the classics, Doom etc. I install them through steam-wine and then use source ports to run them. Works for me to keep me entertained.

> This guy has clearly never met a linux user.
@nichii That's a good point.
Have you ever tried !opensuse, by the way?

@xrevan86 I have. It was nice, but not for me. It was my first time using RPM and I didn't like that package manager that much. I like Arch's pacman the most.

@nichii Always talk to my friends about different GNU/Linux distros - I'm currently switching between Debian, Tails, Puppy & Qubes OS. Always interested in what other people use also.

@Reznik I talk to my friend about Linux and she wasn't all that interested at first, but things are changing. She's getting sick of Windows' crap and has mentioned that she may want to switch to Linux. If I can get even one person to give Linux a try, I'll be happy.

I use Manjaro and I've tried Debian and Tails. I didn't like Debian very much, but Tails is good. Not so much for normal daily use, but great if you're doing sensitive work where privacy and anonymity is needed.

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