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I want to get some mochi ice cream from Trader Joe's. It's normal mochi, but with ice cream filling. It's delicious and I highly recommend it.

I got a couple of Asian snacks at the grocery store. Some choco pies from Korea and some almond nougats from China. The choco pies are less sweet than other ones I've tried which is a good thing. A lot of snacks are too sweet.

Can someone tell me what the default hosts file for Manjaro Linux says? I got a custom hosts file for blocking trackers a while back and I want to switch back to the default one.

A couple years ago before Microsoft shut down Tay, their Twitter bot, I took a screenshot of this question I asked Tay. Even Microsoft's own bot hates Windows 10 lol.

I think Quillson might be a weeb

I took a cute selfie. <3 May delete later.

A ramen restaurant is opening in my area. I've only had authentic ramen once when I visited Japantown in San Francisco. I want to go when it finally opens. I just need to learn how to use chopsticks before then lol. Maybe I'll see if I can get a job there. I'll be happy to work there as long as I don't have to interact with customers. A job as a dishwasher would be ideal. I'm too awkward and anxious to interact with customers.

I recently discovered there's a place called Taco Bell Cantina where I live. It's like a fancy Taco Bell. Unlike regular TB places, TBC is more like a restaurant and less like a fast food place. They don't have drive-thrus and they even sell alcohol. I don't drink, but I still want to go just to see what it's like. The idea of a TB restaurant interests me.

It's annoying how every time I log into tumblr, they assume for some reason that I don't want to log in using my password. They send me an email with a link to log in instead. I can still log in using my password, but they send the email anyway without even giving me the option to choose if I want to be emailed. It's like they don't get the point of passwords. Why not let me log in normally like any other website and stop spamming me links that I don't need.

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RT Wow just shut down our live stream and gave us a strike for talking about Alex Jones??... What.


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KDE Connect is such a useful tool. It's a must have if you use linux and have a smartphone. I love how it will automatically pause the music player on my computer when someone calls me. Then it will resume the song once the call ends. The most useful feature by far is the copy to clipboard. I can copy text on my computer and it'll save that text in my phone's clipboard. Then I can paste it in an app.

I'm amazed at how fast Amazon Japan's shipping is. I ordered a book from there a long time ago and it took only 3 days to ship from Japan to the U.S. Shipping wasn't expensive either. You don't even need to know Japanese to use their site since they have an English option.

There's a friendly cat in my neighborhood that always runs up to me when she sees me. I wish I could adopt her, but she's someone else's cat. 😢 My cat would be pissed anyway if I brought another cat in the house. She's shy and doesn't like other cats.


I also will give her my Japanese manga, Orange. It's in Japanese and I don't understand enough of the language to read it. She's like intermediate in Japanese, so she shouldn't have any issues reading it. I hope she likes my gifts. Our relationship has been very bad lately. I hope she appreciates the gifts. I'm hoping it will improve things between us. I know she'll like what I got her.


I got my friend a bunch of birthday gifts. Stickers, a memo pad, socks, stationery, markers, and a few other things. A lot of the stuff I bought is designed with her favorite characters. Rilakkuma and Kuromi. I also will likely send her my 3DS Zelda game since I never got around to playing it. I never even removed the plastic wrap.


I hate when I wait until the last minute to do these things. I do this so often too. My ADHD is partly to blame, but I can't put all the blame on it. I should have got this taken care of weeks ago.

I get all stressed and anxious when I have to rush to get something done. I really wish I didn't have to go out, especially when I'm feeling anxious. Maybe my magnesium will calm me down once it kicks in. I'll drink some kava if necessary.


I'm so stressed. I have to ship some presents for my friend's birthday today. I stayed up all night and barely got any sleep the previous night. I had two energy drinks and they did nothing. Thankfully my ritalin helped a bit. I had too much caffeine though and now my hands are shaking. I'm also out of wrapping paper, so I have to go to the dollar store and get some along with a few other things. I need to get the package sent as soon as possible.


I'm typing up a very long message that will be divided into multiple toots. I apologize in advance if my posts are cluttering up the timeline. I'm just really stressed and need to vent. Sorry guys if it's annoying. I have nowhere else to really post to.

Body language and microexpression analysis is so fascinating to me. I was first introduced to it when I watched Lie to Me. Being able to tell if a person is lying and being able to know how a person is truly feeling is such a cool skill to have. I would love to be able to read body language and microexpressions. The YouTuber reagan wolf does body language analysis videos and it's very interesting.