This house cat became the surrogate mother of a group of baby bobcats after their mother was killed by a hunter.


If any of you are interested in trying it, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you don't take it if you're on an SSRI medication. Zembrin will interact with the SSRI causing serotonin syndrome, which in some cases can be fatal. I used to take zembrin before I was on any medications and it really helped keep my crippling anxiety under control and stop my depression from controlling my life.


If any of you have depression or anxiety and are unable to see a psychiatrist, I recommend looking into zembrin. It's a clinically studied extract of kanna. It works as an SSRI, just like antidepressants. It's also a PDE4 inhibitor which works in part by reducing activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls fear and anxiety. Unlike antidepressants, zembrin's effects can be felt within hours, not weeks.

Despite how uncommon they are, $2 bills are still in circulation and are legal currency. You can actually purchase them at most banks and credit unions. They're pretty cool to have. Just be careful if you spend them. Some cashiers might not realize $2 bills are a thing and think you're trying to pay with fake money. You can't get in any legal trouble of course, but it's still a hassle.

GRID 2 is being given away for free on Humble Bundle. The deadline is 1 day and 23 hours from now. Once you redeem your copy you get to keep it forever. You just have to create an account and subscribe to their newsletter. Afterwards they give you a key to redeem the game on Steam. You also get two DLCs for free as well.

I have 181 games on Steam and most of them are games I've only played once or twice, or games that I haven't played at all. I swear, it's like I enjoy buying games more than actually playing them.

It's not like they're bad games either. I just don't play them for whatever reason. Out of all my games, I've only completed 13 of them. So only about 7% of my games are completed.

Two Point Hospital is free to play this weekend on Steam. I played it and I like it a lot more than Project Hospital. That game would frustrate me and there's a lot I couldn't figure out how to do.

TPH is simpler and more straight forward. A lot more fun in my opinion too. The only downside is you can't play the role of a doctor and diagnose patients yourself like you can in PH.

Hyper Light Drifter is a game I regret not playing sooner. It has a very dystopian feel and the eerie music really adds to the feelings of hopelessness. It reminds me of the anime Casshern Sins in a way.

The art style is nostalgic and reminds me of older pixel graphics games, while still having a unique style of its own. I took this screenshot earlier and it really shows off the interesting art style. It's a very nice game.

The power just went out for a few seconds. Not sure why. It's not windy, raining, and there's no storm. I hope it doesn't happen again.

This situation reminded me why I really need to buy a power bank and a generator before it gets warmer out. The power goes out at least a couple times every year. A generator would come in really handy and a power bank would be great so I can keep my phone charged.

Here's some cute wild sand cat kittens if you need something to brighten your day.

Asuka botched a kick against her opponent at Fastlane, accidentally kicking her in the face. That looked painful.

I converted a 1.5 MB webm file to a gif and the output size was 50 MB...

My girlfriend bought me this cute cat calendar for my birthday. She knows how much I love cats. I have it hanging up right above my computer screen. :blobcat:

I've had an emotionally exhausting day. I've been feeling panicky all day. Like something bad is going to happen. Logically I shouldn't be feeling like this. If anything, this should be a happy time for me. I'm in a new relationship with my best friend. I guess I'm scared that things will go badly and I'll be hurt. I don't like feeling vulnerable like this. I like keeping people at a distance. I worry about having feelings for her and becoming attached only for her to leave me.

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