I want to ship some perishable food and I was looking for some insulated foam containers. I didn't realize that they're so expensive. Almost $30 just for a 2 pack. I would also need to buy some ice packs and a 6 pack of those cost around $13. Then of course there's the shipping costs. The shipping supplies cost more than what I'm sending.

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Money In The Bank was honestly pretty disappointing. It had its good moments, but overall it wasn't that good. Especially the ending. These wrestlers put their bodies through hell only for Brock Lesnar to come out of nowhere to win the match. He wasn't even booked for that match and he didn't wrestle. He stole the MITB from wrestlers who actually deserve it. I'm so sick of WWE and can't wait for AEW. The only way WWE will ever get better is if Vince retires or dies.

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I just saw this cute cat staring at me through my window. I think she came to visit my cat.

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I've been getting chest pain lately. Usually after I take my wellbutrin. Yesterday though it happened when I took my ritalin too. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I'm seeing my doctor in 3 days and I'll see what he thinks. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

This terrible news has happened around the same time as Ric Flair being hospitalized. I hope we don't lose him too.

I have some very sad news. Ashley Massaro, a former superstar has passed away today at the age of 39. I used to be a big fan of hers when I was a kid. I remember when the diva search was going on. She was my top pick and I was so happy when she won. The people that knew her said that she was such a sweet and kind person. She seemed very likable and many people are saddened by her sudden death. May she rest in piece.

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100% Orange Juice got a huge update! There's now a co-op mode and it's way different than the standard gameplay we're used to. I tested it out earlier and it's very fun. Even more fun than the regular mode in some ways. There's way too much to explain so I'll just link to the Steam news article that explains everything.


I would love to have a job working with Linux in some form. Maybe as a sysadmin or something. I would be happy to do volunteer work too. Like contributing to open source software or writing my own programs. I don't know where to even start though. It seems like something I would need to go to college for and I can't afford that.

These herbs can interact with medications, so please don't take any of them without talking to your doctor or pharmacist first.

May is mental health awareness month. If any of you are struggling please don't be afraid to seek help. If you can't afford to see a psychiatrist or therapist, there are free and cheap resources available. 7cups.com is a free alternative to in-person therapy. If therapy isn't enough, there are cheap non-prescription solutions to treating depression and anxiety. Zembrin, St. John's Wort, Tianeptine (requires a prescription in some countries), kava, passion flower, silexian etc.

Coinbase is annoying so I'm looking for a different exchange to use. Does anybody know of any that are based in the U.S and let you use your bitcoins instantly after purchase?

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