I know where I'm going if I ever visit Hong Kong.

I found out GameFly is still a thing. I honestly thought they went out of business ages ago. They're not bad or anything. I think their service is neat. I just haven't heard anything about them in so many years and I'm surprised they're still around.

I found something for my stomach and I'm excited, but skeptical too. It's called PepZin GI. It's a prescription medication in Japan that's been used since 1994. It has over 100 studies and over 35 clinical trials. It's been shown to be both safe and effective.

Unlike acid blockers that only mask the symptoms, this medication fixes the root of the problem. It exerts its effects directly on the cells of the stomach lining and balances the bacteria in the stomach.

I've suffered with gastritis for so many years and my omeprazole barely does anything. I would be so happy to finally have something that works.

The Kyoto Animation arson attack is likely the worst thing to ever happen to the anime industry. Just imagine how many amazing and talented people died in the fire. Artists, animators, directors, and so many others. Probably people who worked on some of our favorite anime.

This is such a terrible and awful crime. My heart hurts for the poor family members of the victims. Some of the staff are still unaccounted for and I fear that they're dead. Just imagine being the family of one of these people. Not knowing whether your loved one is alive or dead. I can't imagine the pain they must be going through.

Update to the Kyoto Animation arson attack:

The death toll has climbed to 33 and Kyoto Animation has decided to cancel the production of its planned Free! 2020 Summer anime film.

If you're out of the loop, anime studio Kyoto Animation was attacked by an arsonist. The fire killed 33 people (12 at the time of the article). More info can be found here:


Now I just need a cat litter mat. She tends to get litter all over the floor.

I upgraded Bella's litter box today. I'm not sure if she likes it yet. It has a hood for privacy, non-stick surface, and a charcoal filter at the top to remove odors.

She spends all day and night in my room. We moved into a new house recently and she's too scared to explore the rest of the house. She's only comfortable going in my room.

I went into the living room to try to setup my dad's game console and my cat stood in my doorway constantly meowing. She does this whenever I leave my room.

Anybody have tips for soothing a sore throat? My throat has been feeling raw lately and I wake up with phlegm in my throat. It's not serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor though. My throat was feeling so dry today and it hurt just to yawn and swallow.

I'm hoping to save up enough money to get a Nintendo Switch Lite when it's released. It looks perfect for me because even if I had a regular Switch, I would never connect it to a TV. I'd only play portable.

I like that the Switch Lite is smaller and that the joy cons are attached. It's a perfect portable console for me and I like it better than the regular Switch.

I got a new webcam today. The picture quality is fantastic, but it's so weird seeing myself in HD. I never realized how ugly I am until I saw myself in the webcam lol. I looked like a bum. I took that as a sign I should trim my facial hair and try to look better.

I found out WWE is coming to my area to host a Smackdown event. I really want to go. I've never been to a WWE event and it's always been a dream of mine to go. I just hope I can afford it. I have other expenses and a birthday package I'm putting together for a friend.

I'm a bit sad and upset. I applied for a moderator position at JPopsuki and I unfortunately didn't get the position. I really wanted to get the chance to give back to a website and community I love.

I liked the idea of being able to help keep the site clean by doing stuff like removing duplicate torrents or fixing incorrect titles.

Even though I didn't get the position, I'm still happy to have had the chance to apply and be selected for an interview.

My wireless mouse is driving me nuts. It's slow and lags all the time. This only happens on Linux too. It works flawlessly on Windows. I don't know why this is happening and what to do to fix it. I've considered buying a new mouse, but I'm worried I'll have the same problem. It's an issue with Linux and not the mouse.

I watched Hotarubi no Mori e last night. It was a great anime. Natsume Yuujinchou is one of my favorite animes and I was interested in checking this movie out when I found out that both animes share the same creator.

Despite only being 45 minutes, this anime is wonderful and very enjoyable. It's very laid-back and a great movie to watch when you want something simple and relaxing.

It made me feel a range of emotions. There were happy parts, parts that made me laugh, wholesome moments, and a very sad ending as well. It's one of the best animes I've watched in quite some time.

It's only a few seconds of a teaser, but DIAURA's new single sounds like it's going to be amazing. I hope though that the title doesn't mean they're breaking up after this.


I forgot just how creepy The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was. It's funny how this show was aimed at children. It was like the Courage the Cowardly Dog of its time.


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