Here's a really nice open source radio streaming program. It has radio streams from many different countries and languages.

Does anybody know how to get spellcheck to work in Linux mastodon clients like Tootle or Whalebird?

I was watching a Japanese PV and thought the singer looked cute. It wasn't until I heard "her" voice that I realized it was a guy. If a visual kei singer looks like a girl, chances are he's probably a guy. You can't be sure until you hear their voice and even then it's not certain.

Look at Piko for example. I first heard him sing for the anime Binbougami ga and he sounded like a girl. I watched the PV and he even looked like a girl too.I didn't realize until later that he's a guy. Oh Japan.

I love NCIS, but it has the worst and most hilariously bad hacking scene of any TV show I've ever seen.

Also, good Linux compatibility is a plus. The wifi on my router works terribly on Linux and I have to use ethernet. Even then, the internet sometimes stops working and I have to disable and re-enable networking from the taskbar.

The router my ISP provided me is terrible. The wifi will suddenly stop working on my phone and it won't connect unless I restart the router. Most devices will also refuse to connect to the wifi unless I whitelist the MAC address of the device.

The internet on my dad's Roku won't work at all and I've tried everything to fix it. There's nothing wrong with the Roku either.

Can anyone recommend me a good router? I don't want to spend more than $100. I'm considering the Netgear R6700.

I think I'm finally going to replace my 1 TB HDD with a new 4 TB next month. I swear, every week I have to delete files or move stuff over to my external HDD because I keep running out of space. 1 TB just isn't enough. Especially if you're like me and download a lot of lossless music, anime, and games.

Is Sid Meier's Civilization V worth playing if you're not into strategy games? It's on sale for $7.49 on steam right now. I'm tempted to buy it, but it looks overly complicated and like something I would suck at.

It's very popular though and has high ratings. For that reason I'm considering getting it. I'm just not sure if it's something I would be good at. I've never played a game of this type before and I hate games that are too complicated or difficult.

I'm sad after finding out that Nishino Nanase of is graduating from the group. Today marks the release of Nogi's latest single which is also Naachan's graduation single and her final single as senbatsu (center).

I always thought she was cute and she seems like a likable person. She's been with Nogi since the beginning. I'm sure this is hard for her fans and fellow members. We'll miss you, Naachan.

Here is the PV for her last single.

Chuu's reaction to seeing a fan. I swear, I'll never get sick of seeing this video. The way she flaps her arms while jumping up and down and gets excited is so adorable. She's the most bubbly, cheerful, and happy person I've ever seen. She'll always be one of my favorite idols. She's so adorable. (^~^)

Mina thanking mr skeltal for strong bones and a successful career. Thank mr skeltal every day and you can one day become successful too.

Congrats to LOOΠΔ for winning 2018's MTV Europe Music Awards for 'Best Korean Act'. The fact that they've only been around for 2 years and have won such a big award is impressive. LOOΠΔ member 여진 (YeoJin) is also the youngest person to win an MTV award ever. She's only 15 and beat Justin Bieber who previously held this record.I'm so proud of them and and happy that they won. They're a talented and hardworking group. They no doubt deserve this accomplishment.

Sorry for the poor image quality. I spotted one of the neighborhood cats in my backyard recently. Bella was staring at him from inside and they seemed interested in each other. Looks like Bella has a new friend.

My cat kept staring outside my window and meowing. I went to see what was going on and she was meowing at a leaf that fell on the outside of the window sill lol. Cats are great.

I'm kind of impressed how good my dad is at messing up his phones. He somehow downloads a ton of apps that he doesn't want or even use. I'm guessing he clicks those popup ads that install apps on your phone.

I need to install blokada to block these ads and popups. Greenify too. His phone overheats because he has so many apps running. Maybe switch him to F-Droid also so he doesn't install unsafe apps.

Do any of you remember reading the book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark when you were younger? Apparently it's getting a film adaption.

Congrats to IZ*ONE for achieving the highest first day sales for a girl group debut album on Hanteo with 34,295 copies sold. I've been looking forward to their debut album for a while now and I'm glad it was a success.

IZ*ONE if you're unaware is a girl group managed by a Korean agency and the agency behind AKB48. They were formed through the reality show Produce 48. The show brought together 48 Korean trainees and 48 idols from AKB48 and their sister groups.

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