The next big thing in maths will be HoST, aka Homotopy Shit Theory. It will finally explain why life sucks for some but not others. All proofs will be implemented in Perl and then complied into Golang for more shittyness.

@Mitsuuu @fristi think of it now as of a specific substance but as of a property that matter has.

@Mitsuuu @fristi sorry, we are in a post-diarrheic stage of discussion right now. Diarrhea is irrelevant.

@fristi @Mitsuuu well, this makes some sense. Given that Earth is a closed ecosystem, everything must be recycled, otherwise we'd run out of matter. Given this and the fact that life has been around for billions of years, it would not be unreasonable to say that all of us are literally covered in shit. Or matter that used to be shit at some point.

@Mitsuuu @fristi are you implying that there is a pill that can make people stop making shit while still staying alive?

@fristi @Mitsuuu this only proves that when described with maths, shit equations tend to involve semigroups. Furthermore, this shows that shit is invariant to sign.

@Mitsuuu @fristi an average adult shits out about 0.5kg of shit per day. I don't think a 2mg pill would be enough. Need at least 250000 of these.

@fristi @Mitsuuu how do you negate shit tho? Is there anti-shit? So that combining it with shit would make them annihilate?

@Mitsuuu what if it's a soup that causes diarrhea? Can you fix a shit day with more shit?

@dockers @lumi I use names like that because remembering other people's names is painful. Especially in the morning.

The local bank ATM was stuck on a reboot loop. Got curious so I stood by and stared at the screen.

🙎‍♂️ "Are you done using it?"
:blobowo: "It's not working"
🙎‍♂️"Then why are you standing there?"
:blobowo: "The crash loop is fascinating!"
🙎"Maybe if you push a button it'll stop"
:blobowo: "The keypad won't work, see it just emerged from POST to Win7's crash recovery boot menu"
🙍"Are you with the bank? Do they know you're messing with it?"
:blobowo: "I'm just watching"
:blobconfused: ".. it's fun?"

@NekoSock the same could be said about any obscure community

@artemirl no, they aren't. OCaml is about the same speed as C++, maybe a tad bit slower, for example. Haskell is a bit worse, but it depends on how you write it. I.e. it is possible to write Haskell code that is about the same speed as C, but it takes effort.

@shriekingmarxist I know a coffee place not far from my home decorated like this, with books on various topics organized by the color and cover design. Looks awesome as hell.

@shriekingmarxist "hey uhh why do you have 100 books on race science"

"They're blue "

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