Right now I can hear seagulls screaming outside my window.

Sometimes I disconnect from the world. I enable airplane mode on my phone for an hour or two (sans bluetooth, because music) and just treat it as a glorified music player. This is so much better honestly than being connected all the time.

@tn5421 oh...there used to be a lot of competition. There just never was a good one.

Take Blackberry, for example. Their keyboards were awesome, and Passport Silver was the best thing I have every had from a usability standpoint. Unfortunately, they sold out their customers to shady governments all over the world, and at some point they just refused to acknowledge what their userbase needed.

Or Microsoft with their Windows Phone. Which wasn't even backwards compatible with itself.

Or Jolla and their Sailfish. Remember how they crowdfunded a tablet, then gave their backers a middle finger instead? They are now basically owned by russians, which adds to the insult.

My take is that this is not due to the lack of competition, but due to a terribly huge entrance costs to this market, which causes the lack of competition among other things. Every player tries to have their returns on investment as soon as possible and as much as possible.

Here's the sad thing, guys. Phone market is total crap. On one hand, we have Android, where vendors actively spy on their users, security of custom roms sucks ass (unless your name is Daniel Micay), and after buying a $1000 phone one can only expect updates for a couple of years at best.

On the other hand we have iPhones, where you can have updates for twice as long, but in return can't even copy files to your phone without Tim Cook's personal blessing.

What kind of bullshit is this?

@amiloradovsky free your mind and see the power of manipulating divergent series. And how doing this pisses off maths teachers.

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@prydt you'd have to learn hebrew though, but it's fun on its own

@dyske now lots of people are going to wonder whether your sister is cute

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"Three words. Eight letters. Say it, and I'm yours"

I use Arch
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