Sometimes I consider buying a mac just to avoid any further interactions with linux community.

@newt I'm afraid they'll tell you that Mac is Unix and so on :) Better use Windows xD

@daniel5555 I've been thinking about it. If Win10 hadn't been leaking so much, I'd be totally all over it.

React OS? I heard it's pretty functional and stable now. Although still lags far behind the modern Windows APIs and hardware support.

I'm, in fact, totally incompetent at either #Apple's tech or #Microsoft's (well, maybe not so much with the latter, but anyway). So why not?

It occurred to me many times, that I thought "UNIX suxx so much, and MS is saint for trying to wipe it off the face of the Earth!". Then I tried to use Windows again, and after couple of hours recalled why I'm avoiding it…

@amiloradovsky @newt Since the original toot was about the Linux community, maybe you can try BSD (such as TrueOS, FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, OpenBSD, etc.). When it comes to functionality, you can actually use them to do stuff... And it's not Linux.

But it is stillUnix :)

@amiloradovsky they have mostly the same ugly userspace stack. Though I like FreeBSD on my servers.

Well, if the "userspace stack" includes Xorg and above, you're basically screwed… as modern #MacOS as e.g. #OpenVMS (…) use it for (G)UI.

@amiloradovsky macos doesn't use xorg for output, and neither does windows.

Sure, and my information about #X11 in Mac OS seems to be obsolete…
What they use instead then?

@amiloradovsky I'm not sure they had ever used X11 as a primary display server. Macos has always had it's own graphics subsystem.

I know. That was something that parted me from Debian and Gentoo. Particularly Gentoo... but some communities are nice. Check Arch community. They are usually quite down-to-earth there.

@ca81 while Arch community could be a decent bunch, Arch Linux itself suffers from bad decisions a lot. Their policy on static libraries makes working with certain programming languages (Haskell, Rust, Golang) barely possible. In addition, Arch repos often have packages with broken dynamic dependencies. I once had pacman broken because of this.

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