I'm hecking tall with my new boots 😎

@Mitsu I misread that as boobs, and this got me thinking.

@Mitsu there's nothing wrong with boobs, Mitsu. Every girl has them.

Wrong some girls are flat. And weebs keep telling me they are justice.

@1iceloops123 @Mitsu those aren't really girls. They're anime holograms.

@Mitsu @1iceloops123 @newt holy shit, I knew mitsu wasn't the purest... but this looks like someone stole her account

@lucy @1iceloops123 @Mitsu she's just as corrupt as the rest of us. I'm sure she poops too.

@Mitsu @lucy @1iceloops123 cute as in many guys would like to have their dicks in, right?

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