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2017 #Iceland

I am not sure about this one. Either way still experimenting with letting more of the context sneak in.

(also I am not entirely sure why my photography suddenly took a very late 90s early 2000s style to it.)

Android LGV10. edited in #Darktable, using #UbuntuStudio

CC by-SA


#photography #photo #photographie #creativeToots

Traveling through k-space after spending two years in wormholes is just scary as hell.

It would be awesome if there was a minimal Windows edition, like Arch or Gentoo in the Linux world, so that you could add features to it instead of trying to remove the huge pile of shit that Microsoft included in Windows 10.

A friend gave me a rocket science textbook. The catch is it's in russian.

For fucks sake, what does Abstract Singleton Proxy Factory even mean and how do I implement one in Haskell?

Mastodon instances blocking each other is nothing. I encountered whole Autonomous Systems blocking each other because their users live in a country that did some nasty shit.

Microsoft Arc mouse has to be rebooted once in a while as well. I guess that's a tradition.

Elvish code :

- "creative" architecture
- use custom frameworks for each project.
- use every syntaxic sugar where possible and sometimes where it shouldn't be possible
- use a hack by line
- variables names in Quendian
- masterfully indented
- magically works flawlessly

Dwarf code :
- Use only the oldest and the most tested libs for strong foundation
- Over-engineered
- No hack or sugar
- More tests than actual code.
- Bulky indentation
- Variable names in 8 runes only.
- Otherwise pretty readable.
- Documentation could be 10 times shorter, but it's accurate.
- You will never crash or exploit this thing.

Any advice on writing a formal letter to a japanese person?

I have had only two glasses of hot wine and I already feel drunk

There's a hardware hacking community in this city. And there's also a furry community. And these are the same people.

Due to longboarding my right thigh is a bit thicker than the left one. I only discovered this yesterday.

The year is 2024. Nobody actually uses Twitter anymore, except for hordes of bots advertising to groups of Russians who are pretending to be other people and constantly arguing with each other in broken English.

I downloaded season 1 of Future Man just because the trailer featured Danger Zone

Goodnight to our neighbors above the circle. Enjoy the light you get. At least, looking directly into the sun won't be possible. That may just be a good thing.