type Cofe f a = Cofree f a

Just to avoid typos.

My present employer wants to negotiate my stay. How cute!

Remember, water cooling works for many things but it doesn't work for cofe.

There is a girl with a Thinkpad running Linux at the table across the room. Cute, right?

And since they refused to even mention the range of their salaries, this gives me freedom to name any price I want. Which means +20% just due to this stupid corporate policy.

God I love negotiating!

At this point, I think I'll wait for the yesterdays dudes to make me an offer. And unless the pay is really good, I'm going to decline it. I really hate corporate bullshit.

There is a very thin line between a security theater everyone is used to and a full-blown security circus.

or better: boss? our incident handlers are underpaid, shouldn't we do something abou--

we've heard that these cameras are the best for security™
also look at our physical access and identity management system is the best for security™
our CISO said that telegram is the new hip thing in secure communications is the best for security™

Uhh boss? So about that IDS I've been asking you for a year now... uhh can we buy it? It's the best for sec--
Nah that thing is too expensive.

I really have a feeling that a company using Telegram for their corporate messaging isn't really concerned with security. On the other hand their physical security on location seemed rather paranoid at times. Security theater enthusiasts? That's the only plausible explanation I can come up with right now.

During a job interview, you would rather...

a) conjure up your persona and be the nicest thing you can;
b) let all hell break loose so that there will be no surprises in the event you are hired;
c) become completely shut and unresponsive because you can't handle the pressure;
d) what interview? I don't even talk to people.

Aaaaaaand... Once I googled the company's name and some magic keywords, turned out that this company has been a subject of an antitrust investigation. Pretty shady if you ask me.

Remind me to do my homework BEFORE applying for an interview, not immediately afterwards.

Enough talking about this interview. Time to send more resumes.

Oh.. Another interesting thing I heard today is that it's apparently easier to hire a good haskell developer than a good scala developer.

someone on reddit said:

There's a song from the 1950s that is just guitar, no lyrics. If you were stopping at a diner late at night and ordering a cherry pie, it would be perfect if there were a jukebox and this song were playing on it.

and with no further details, reddit found the song

If you think that I'm terribly concerned with ethics, I assure I am not. However, I care about my professional reputation and I know that associating with some companies may deny me future opportunities.

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