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It's funny that the people I consider close friends don't live in the same city with me. Or, for the most part, in the same country. Or even on the same continent.

Maybe I should find new friends? I don't know.

One of my closest friends is moving to the US. I'm gonna miss her.

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Who the hell are and why are they calling me on my czech number that I haven't shared with anyone?

Sometimes I can't tell whether I'm reading RationalWiki or Encyclopedia Dramatica. They often are indistinguishable from each other except for the narrative.

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It is interesting that most crypto startups I've encountered so far are registered as some shady one man companies, which doesn't exactly buy trust

Am I the only one who enjoys when it's hot outside?

What would you guys expect from a systems programming university course? Asking cuz I'm working on one.

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Sneaking up to and chasing people with a saxophone should be a thing...

*couple has romantic moment in a bistro* *jumps out from behind a hedge and starts playing sexy sax noises at them*

*drug pusher looks around and adjusts his shades* *sneaks up behind him and starts playing the Pink Panther theme* *pusher starts to run away* *starts playing faster and chases him*

I'm on the balcony of my apartment, drinking wine with 🥖

Now it's official. I'm offered to teach two courses on some dirty and tricky programming stuff in Barcelona later this year. Gonna be fun!

Huuuh! This one went smoothly. I'm relieved.

I've been on dozens of job interviews on both sides of the process, but I'm still nervous about what's going to happen in a few minutes.

TexLive packages in Arch are corrupt. Do these guys even bother maintaining anything anymore?

I had been thinking about buying a macbook, but then I watched some Louis Rossmann's videos...

Can I have a 4k wallpaper? Thanks!

I skipped running yesterday and now my muscles hurt