I got the students list for this course. HOLY SHIT IT'S 20 PEOPLE!

I'm wondering, what are my chances at extracting auth keys from this sim card in my router and running my very own LTE stack on bladeRF to access the network instead? That would definitely allow me to use the best BSS available.

With tinfoil and some mad skills I managed to fuck the brains of this router over, tricking it into thinking that the slow BSS was dead until it switched over to the one I needed.


It seems my LTE router connects to the wrong BSS. One of them gives me 2mbps, the other one gives 30mbps. Guess which one I'm getting.

I have just finished reading the Poseidon's Children trilogy. Don't really know what to make of it, but it was definitely worth the time.

We have three half-assed duplicating data collection and analysis systems. I'm pushing to merge them into one that covers all needs.

I've spent 7 hours of talking to people so far today

This is huge, boys! In IPv4, TTL field actually means the number of seconds, not hops.

Why isn't there a Hitler emoji in Unicode yet?

Finally got my tax residency certificate. It's tax avoidance time!

For some reason I began getting nauseous in a car >_<

linus: *builds a chair*
stallman: *puts a pillow on the chair*
linus: who wants to sit on the chair?
stallman: actually it's pillow plus chair

A reminder that Mitsu appreciation club needs more cuties!


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