Next time someone complains that Haskell is too hard and pushes for the project to be in Python, I'll write everything as a Perl oneliner.

What is the point of dating someone if there is no risk of them murdering you in cold blood?

My girlfriend's biceps are bigger than mine! WTF???

Dream Theater are touring in Europe. Are they still good? Should I go?

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Summer is awesome. We need to speed up the global warming so that it never ends.

Ok, here's two legit uses of 192kHz audio.

1. Using it as a payload for ultrasound scans.
2. Putting porn images into a sonograph in the upper part of the spectrum Aphex Twin style

What is the point of 192kHz audio?

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All this time, I had thought that the "free" in "free (monoid | monad | applicative)" meant "gratis" because you automatically get the algebraic structure instance by virtue of the data structure. However, it turns out that "free" means "unrestricted" ("libre") because the instance is only restricted by the structure's laws.



Practicing cockney accent all evening for no particular reason

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I dug through this weird shit and...

It seems that GRUB was tried to use the modules left over from the older Gentoo installation. Some modules must have changed since then, hence the error.

I had to completely reinstall the bootloader and put it manually in the EFI boot table. Otherwise it just wouldn't boot. Seems working so far.

Though at this point I'm wondering why GRUB is still a thing, given than UEFI can launch kernels directly.

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