Have you ever tried fencing with a baguette? I have!

Planning a joinpleroma.social to complete with joinmastodon. Rules:

- must be 100% on board with juche
- must love cofe
- cute twinky Bois ok but #nohomo
this story is so funny: https://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin/raten-sie-mal-warum-diese-frau-vier-tage-im-maennerknast-sass

> woman wants to swap apartments
> only with other women
> syrian refugee writes her
> she write back 'only for women'
> he keeps mailing
> she answers 'fuck allah, leave me alone'
> the guy presses charges, wins
> she has to pay 1000 euro or go to prison
> chooses prison
> gets there, in her passport it says "male" (an error)
> prison people are like "well facts don't matter, it says male so your going to male prison"
> take her to male prison
> clear up a whole cell block because she is clearly female
> gets treated like a princess because she's the only one there, and that for a stupid reason

thank you for reading my blog post.

What if Event Horizon and Pandorum share the same universe?

IRC is shit. Most authentication mechanisms are broken and cannot handle simple things like reconnecting.

Instead of writing code I'm fixing stack on my machine. Duh...

This potato salad with tuna was quite awesome. No food porn for you tonight, guys.

BTW, I have a duck in my fridge. Well, not the whole duck. Just a piece of it.

A tuna steak with potato salad for dinner tonight, boys.

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

I'm really thinking about applying to a university for something cinema-related next year. Don't know which course exactly yet.

I suppose this quality change between the two games reflects the overall decline of South Park storytelling as a whole. The show dramatically changed its course and style after seasons 13 and 14. Before that, the humour was based on absurd jokes, sometimes it was shocking or even outrageous. After that the show became more grounded in reality, with attempts of making a parody of current trends and events at the time of episodes' release. Which only made it worse.

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