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It's kinda funny. I paid $1500 ($300 of that was shipping from Japan though) for it six years ago, and just a year or two later mass market 4k became a thing. Should I wait for 8k?

I've realized I can't use my IBM T221 anymore. It's too noisy. I'm probably gonna sell it.

A trapical island is just like a tropical one, except it comes with a surprise.

Being outside without music is a weird experience.

Dammit, now I definitely need a haircut.

My apple earpods died after only two months of use. Wtf apple? The ones before that lasted 6 months, and before that it was almost a year (I lost those somewhere in Iceland, could've been more). Is this a trend?

Also, I know this is a controversial subject, but Scala syntax is ugly.

At least half of the talks about effects and free monads I find on youtube are from Scala conferences. Meanwhile, the majority of Scala code I have seen doesn't use monads at all, let alone free monads.

I have this weird problem. I have a fully stocked kitchen and a giant list of things I would like to cook. The problem is that I don't wanna have dinner alone and I don't have anyone who shares my taste in food and whom I'd like to invite.

Dammit! How come instance blocking is a thing but post editing is not?

Sunday night. My timeline is full of mastodon drama as usual.

Writing documentation is hard. Writing an overview of a 4 year old project is even harder.

I curse with the british accent.

I mean, for fucks sake, this is one of the many features that BlackBerry had nailed perfectly years ago. It's even possible on Android, though with some fuckery. But Apple is thinking differently again. Good thing I haven't bought an iPhone yet. Now I definitely will not.

Turns out, there's no way to have a persistent VPN connection on an iPhone unless you're will to go through an anal carnival and fuck your brains out with a sledgehammer. I knew Apple likes to screw with their userbase, but this is some abysmal shit.

Modern Linux distros do not support simultaneous sound output from several users in the system. Because something something pulseaudio and its security. Goddammit!

ughh i dont like getting up everyday

Is having a facebook account worth it?

Dammit, I can barely make it out of my bed. Good morning, folks.