watching anime with no subtitles like is 75% understanding enough pwease

Studying economics fell to dominion.... I mean its a kind of market right

is there an open source keyboard that supports japanese

"soundcloud won't run w/o google play services" then why is it playing music rn huh

a google free device. i am slightly harder to get to for our corporate overlords

ugh it keeps looping into recovery whyy installing an unofficial lineageos on my old phone was easier than this

oem is locked tf. treating it like its a verizon pixel now even though its not

no school tmrw time to remove Google from my phone

nini niu i watched sad videos so I could cry myself to sleep

hanging out with friends is fun. I wanted to get tipsy but I think my crush has had bad experiences with alcohol so instead I got to nurse a beer for like four hours

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[ASMR] lynne recites every single horrible thing microsoft has done until you install linux

let's play what lvl of sexual innuendo is OK around a 12 yr old

not cuteposting but posting of a cute thing. I loved and still love this Boi so much

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us: ur like this friend who overworks herself
friend: no im not like her she actually has hobbies
us: so youre worse than her?
friend: :pika:

boogiepop was recommended to me as a mystery Anime and just like every other "mystery" thing I hate it wow

my friend accidentally logged in on our teachers Chrome rather than drive and now via the insecurities of sync we have all of his passwords and access to the grade book

im hungry but also fully in bed :blobcatumm: why I already ate

there's other people waiting at the bus stop how late is this freaking bus

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