birthday went really well. i am happy and feel loved. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

waiting to see if gf wishes me a happy bday like :ablobsquish:

finally watching jennifers body cause for some reason a ton of ppl just discovered it was cool

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chem midterm is tomorrow.... I feel prepared but what if im in fact not lol

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im technically faking sick to get out of a presentation but also. I did actually throw up from anxiety so... am I really faking

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ever seen how the cis walk? they walk like this: (paces around the stage cisgenderedly) what's up with that??

gonna have to take discrete math next quarter. a big fat f in the chat

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According to my calculations, you are cute

to the one teacher, who also does mandatory attendance, still having class even though there's a protest: fuck you you scab

the mom of the girl in the room next to me has like suitcases and is moving stuff to her car??? idk whats happening im worried about the girl shes super nice

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flashing my usb in recovery mode so i can clean install manjaro since I fucked up sudo, then going to reflash it w ubuntu cause I managed to bork that too. truly I am a tech genius

think I borked my Ubuntu Inst too but this time i don't even know why or how.... oof what do now lol

everytim I reboot the display gets slightly smaller..... idk why but honestly mood

would still let me in if ive never even watched lain

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