my dad went out to "dinner" and hasnt come home yet... Binch it 1am

Mom: carefully buys easy to prepare, protein rich meals for me to eat while shes gone
me, reaching for the ravioli: :blobcatsweat:

we havent let our cat out since she got lost and she is not happy abt this

drawing! a old but I hated it when I first drew it for some reason?

my dad just got a door lock that you have to unlock via app.... why

Put my own art as a background for my computer.... actually am happy with it

I called my cousin my favorite cousin in front of his brother

the arsonist shouted 死ね! as he set the fire. 33 people, the worst massacre since wwii, just because of one person. fuck

revision: he's only missing, it was a mistranslation but still. Directoea Yamada, Ishihara, and Ishidate comfirmed safe. 33 confirmed dead, 35 injured

the kyoani fire, fuck man..yasuhiro takemoto is apparently confirmed dead.

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shower was not worth it 0/10 will be sweaty enough to try again in a week

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I have a CS degree, that means for the most part, I already know things that it would take you literal MINUTES to look up on the Internet.

good morning I actually slept for 7 hours, yeet

its raining and I love it.... makes me sleepy and happy

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Amazon 1/2 

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I THINK id love something like the tabby slime from slime rancher as a mascot

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Pavlov: the dogs salivate when I ring a bell

Me: weird. Why?

Pavlov: they connect two unrelated events due to repeated conditioning

Me: haha stupid animals

Pavlov: the experiment took 69 days

Me: nice

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