officially moving to! anyone who wants can come follow me there, ill try to be more active

me after biking 10 mi today: I'm a fitness god, in perfect shape, my body a work of art --

every day I do the flashcards for Japanese and Spanish and lament how much work maintaining those languages is. And yet, every day, I berate myself for not trying to learn German yet. This is the way

wtf the data I'm scraping was entered manually for all 100 of these entries
like, even the headers change. hell

I can hear the cat meowing but the people in that apartment are gone..... im sorry ur so alone my love....

am officially certified to wack infants on the back now. CPR coming through--

@neppers Im white too so I've gotten weird looks... why do only Asian people get to wear masks huh

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@neppers i wanted to be nice since I'm coughing and ik I feel better when the sick people are wearing masks. 0/10 should've downed a lot of tea right before this

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wearing a mask for the first time in lecture and just realized this means I can't drink tea :((

tw us pol except I can't figure out actual tws on twidere

there's no way this turns out well. opinion on DNC is hella low and from what I can tell many people agree. No matter the results they aren't trustworthy

Good luck to Bernie.... good to see him doing so well. excited to vote for him in my home state too

relationship complaining 

me going down to the dining Hall and trying to say thanks to the cashier before realizing I hadnt spoken in over 24 hours

security guard: i support what youre doing but this is private property and i need you to leave
our police liason: no
guard: a-are you refusing to leave
liason: yes
guard: mkay let me make a call
and thus the police have come

everytime I do anything it is always a Mistake

help I cant stop thinking about fakir from princess tutu I watched this show when I was 12 wh y

social anxiety is not going to the bathroom when someone else is in it

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !