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I'm looking for developers & software publishers of DOS software from the 1980s and 1990s. Now is a *great* time to re-release your DOS programs as /hashtag/opensource?src=hash software! It builds goodwill and creates positive attention. Contact me and let's talk! PLEASE SHARE

@necromancer With something like Google I can kinda see them never having a data breach, though it's still very possible
With a shady company like t-mobile you know they store everything in plaintext and are still using windows xp

Fediverse users calling Twitter "the Birdsite" is the same level of elitism as 4chan users calling Reddit "Plebbit". Like really it's the same level.

I'm looking for some music to listen during my streams. I know a lot of you here compose and publish very cool pieces of art, can you please share with me your links (bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud, ...)?

:blobrainbow:​ 🎶

Boosts and answers appreciated! 💙

The space combat in No Man's Sky VR is trash. Flying is OK but the shooting is just imprecise and the high sensitivity on the virtual control stick doesn't help

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