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Broke: becoming an anarchist because you hate hierarchy and oppression

Woke: becoming an anarchist because the government won't let you marry yourself

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@naomiisagoddess CatzzzZzZZzZzZZzZZZZzZZZzzzzzzzZZZZzZZzzzzsleepy


it's hard to sing along to songs by The Story So Far because the singer is some sort of ancient deity of breathing

oh gee I have to go back to school

yall mind if I yall mind if I wake up from a yall mind if I NAP yall mind if I

I really hhope soO can win this season of gsl


If you think GOKU would hang with a Nazi go back the Panera Bread bathroom you crawled out of

I wanna get giant titties so I can cosplay hanekwawawaawa

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the Dawn of War games let you live out the fantasy of actually being able to fucking afford to buy Warhammer

Eating breakfast to old proleague vods 😍

That means good morning in panda language even though pandas are eepy rather than grwary

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