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Noticing I haven't given u any news

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Sad part I don't smoke anymore.

This feature is a pain in the ass I need a 🚬

Found @shp in the bottom of my mug.

And we were so close like we were knowing each others for years...

Awesome. Best 14 february ever.

So UPDATE about Lo', the girl who has a BF and with we are totally the same and totally talking non stop for 3 days before even seeing each others.

We see each others, was really cool, absolutely cool as I was thinking.

She slept at my place but we didn't had sex cause she wanted to do the thing cleanly when she will had dumped her BF.

And still too late to sleep! Gud night fellows

We are still going to see each others tomorrow but instead of her going to my place we are just going to take a drink. Cause she is still in relationship and I don't want to be the guy who cheat.

The status with Lo' has evolved a lot.

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